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Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by metal=heaven, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. metal=heaven

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    its really surprising that no thread has been created about the Jessica Lal case(atleast i cudnt find 1)!!well i dont think that there is a need to write wot happened and who did it and wot happened to those who did it.every1 knows the entire story.the entire country is shocked after hearing the court's verdict.i just hope that case is reopened and those ****in sons of bitches involved in the murder are bloddy tortured till death!and not only the real murderers but also those who are responsible for screwing up the evidence!
    one of my friends just told me about a site
    i'v registered.u guyz should also register if u feel like!
    hopefully Jessica and her family get justice!(and hopfully no more shocking verdicts are delivered by the courts in such kinda cases)
  2. UjSen

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    there were another 3 thread for jessica...........................must have been deleted>

    it was so funny>
    there was salman getting a year for shooting an animal
    and there was this case where theese guys were let out for murdering
    there are only 13 judges availible for a million people in India today>
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    i was juss watchin abt jessica lal some days ago on ZEE NEWS...ya i read salman in jail ...
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    No No No..wait...
    what happened :shock:
    brief summary please.

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