Sun Raha Hain(Aashiqui 2) Guitar Chords

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    Song- Sun Raha Hain
    Film- Aashiqui 2
    Lyrics- Sandeep Nath
    Music & Singer- Ankit Tiwari



    (Cm)Apne karam ki kar(F)adayein..(D#)..(F)..(D#)..(F)..(A#)

    (Cm)Mujhko iraade de
    (G#)kasamein de,vaade duaaon ke ishaaron (Gm)ko sahare (G#)de

    (Cm)dil ko thikaane de
    (G#)naye bahaane de..khaa(A#)bon ki baarishon ko mausam (Gm)ke paimaane (G#)de

    (Cm)Apne karam ki kar(F)adayein
    (Cm)kar de idhar bhi tu nigaa(F)hein

    {(F)sunn ra(Cm)ha hai na ra(A#)ha hoon main..
    ..sunn ra(G#)ha hai na tu..(Fm)..kyun ro raha hoon (D#)main..(Cm)}-[2 times]

    Guitar Solo(Rhythm Part)-(Cm)..(Fm)..(Cm)..(A#)..(G#)..(F)..(Fm)..(D#)..(G#)..(Cm)

    Manzi(G#)lein rus(D#)waa hain
    (Gm)khoya (G#)hai raas(Cm)ta
    (G#)Aaye le jaa(D#)ye
    (Gm)itni (G#)si ilta(D#)zaa..

    ..Yeh (Fm)meri zamaanat (D#)hain..Tu (Fm)meri amaanat (D#)hain (Gbar)haan

    rest of the song is same

    courtesy-jimihndrx(IGT's Own Guitar Hero)

    - All the thankless Youtube uploaders! If You are using these chord progression for making ur guitar Cover/Tutorial..Than Please remember to mention the source.
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    The F7 in the Verse is actually F7/D#
    finger positions will be xx1211(play it exact and you will get the desired sound as per the OST)
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    Fly in the plane of Ambition & Land in the Airport of Success...Luck is yours,Wish is mine...May Ur future always shine...Good Luck
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    Congrats Jimihndrx,

    Keep up the good work and your efforts are always appreciatable.

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    Thanks a lot Bro!:rock:
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    Dude thanks a lot for those awesome words!:rock:
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    use capo on first fret and Am F G C D E Em Dm chords.

    am>g f>c progression.

    that sounds awesome..
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    Congrats on completing one year

    Congrats Jimihndrx on completing one year.. for sure, you not only work hard on your songs, you also make it a point to share with others.. Keep it up... btw, do you play professionally in any band or so..
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    Thanks a lot Bro! Nah iam not a Pro..but sometimes play for my friends on their requests:ptime:
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    Congrats Jimi... Sorry for my belated wishes... somehow i missed out..

    The chords are perfect and I never seen a person like u posting the chords in professional....

    Your contribution across the language is awesome and admirable... which shows there is no language for music...

    Continue your good work, may god bless you...

    Keep the good work

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    Thankyou Very Much Suresh Sir for ur Inspiring Words.

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