summer of 69

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    cud ya plz lemme de tabz for SUMMER OF 69.thx:nw:
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    here it is.....:)

    That’s what you play throughout the verses:

    D A

    Then, for the part “…oh when I look back now…” and “…standing on your mamas porch…”
    as well as for the bridge “…man we were killing time…” you follow the same pattern (fingering) only for other chords:

    e.g. Bm |-2------2-------2---| x2

    or A |-0------0-------0---| x2
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    hey m8 paste the song on this site if u wanna show us any close version of summer of 69 !
  5. rabi_sultan

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    Bryan Adams Summer of 69 MTV Unplugged version:





    basically its playing the arpeggio of DSus2, Dmaj, DSus4, ASus2, Amaj, ASus4.

    The other part of the song is simple its a simple chord progression of :
    Bmin, Amaj, Dmaj, Gmaj (x2)
    Bmin, Amaj and then break into the riff again.
  6. rabi_sultan

    rabi_sultan <Bulla Ki Jana>

    The electric version differs, the chord progression remains the same instead you strum ONCE since you should have distortion turned on high.

    As for the riff part it you basically strum DSus2 once and then repeatedly play the D string open (thats the 3rd string) and then on the change you strum ASus2 once and repeatedly play A string open.

    Hope that helps!!
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    Chords for Summer of 69'

    Here are the chords for the song! I Love it! :)

    D A
    I got my first real six string - brought it at the five & dime
    D A
    Played it til my fingers bled - was the summer of '69
    D A
    Me and some guys from school had a band and we tried real hard
    D A
    jimmy quit and Jody got married - shoulda known we'd never get far

    Bm A D G
    Oh when I look back now - that summer seemed to last for ever
    Bm A D G
    And if I had the choice - ya I'd always wanna be there
    Bm A D A
    Those were the best days of my life

    Asus | D | Dsus | D | Asus D |
    Esus | A | Asus | A | Esus A |

    D A
    Ain't no use complaining - when ya gotta job to do
    D A
    Spent my evenings down at the drive in - and that's when I met you - ya
    Bm A D G
    Standing on your mamma's porch - you told me that you'd wait forever
    Bm A D G
    And when I held your hand - I knew that it was now or never
    Bm A D A D A
    Those were the best days of my life - back in the summer of '69

    F Bb
    Man we were killin' time
    C Bb
    We were young and reckless - we needed to unwind
    F Bb C
    I guess nothing can last forever...

    D A D A

    And now the times are changin'
    Look at everything that's come and gone
    Sometimes when I play my old six string
    I think about you wonder what went wrong

    Bm A D G
    Standing on your nanna's porch - you told me it'd last forever
    Bm A D G
    And when I held your hand - I knew that it was now or never
    Bm A D A D A
    Those were the best days of my life - back in the summer of '69

    Continue on D A
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    HI!! any one can the lead part which is played at end of the song???????
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    wat is da link 4??!!!

    hullooo?? did i miss sumthin? bhau, wat hav ya given us da link 4?! i cant find da tabs 4 "summer of 69" on dat page at all!!!! :confused:
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    hey hell razor
    I think that ur tabs are next to accurate and they are so masssssssst to play
  11. sumit

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    hey m incomfortable with the cords dunno why? cn any one help me
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    tyr to play thisA)
    Dsus D Dsus4 D Dsus D

    Asus A Asus4 A Asus A
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    its really very nice
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    hey sultan..thanx ..i guess this is help enough..will try and give ya the feed back...
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    hey where can i listen to the song? can any1 give me a link?
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    Hi cud some one gimme how do i strum the strings for this??? Is it the normal down-up-down-up or is it different????
    Also if someone cud tell me how to figure out the strumming for a particular sequence of chords(or song) it wud be of great help.

    Thanx :beer:
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    if u hear any song carefully,the rhythm be hind it is nothing but strumming rhythme :cool:
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    Jazzy's Chords Are Right,
    Just Ignore Everythign Else

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