Summer of '69 solo

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    Summer of 69 Solo

    Here is the solo part of summer of 69 (Its not solo adjactlly but I will call it anyway). I had seen on but I feel it was not correct, so I tabbed it myself.At least I hear this in few glances.
    So here it is.

    Chord Progression - D A

    Part 1 (D Chord):

    Part 2 (A Chord):
    Repeat the solo according to the song (Listen to the song for adject numbers of repeat as it varies from place to place).

    For complete beginners, I am writting down the way to easily play it.

    In part 1, you are playing with D chord [x x 0 2 3 2]. To play Part 1 put your 1st finger on 3rd string 2nd fret and put your ring finger on 2nd string 3rd fret permanently till the end of Part 1. Now to begain, start plucking from 1st string to the 3rd string. First play 1st string open, then just put your middle finger on the 2nd fret of the 1st string for second round, then put your little finger on the
    3rd fret of the same string for round three. Now pull the little finger up and play with 2nd fret pressed on (Note : You do not have to remove the middle finger while pressing 3rd fret with the little finger). Now, here is a change in fifth round. You play with open fret on 1st string then 3rd fret on the 2nd string (Which you had permanently put through the whole Part 1) and then put your middle
    finger on 2nd fret of the 1st string again and play it to end Part 1.

    Then for Part 2, its pitty the same, just the chord has been changed. Its A Chord [x 0 2 2 2 0]. In this part, just put first and middle finger on 2nd fret of 3rd string and 2nd string respectively through out the Part 2 permanently. All the work will be done by ring finger and the little finger like in Part 1.

    Here are the chords for the song (I play these with my bro.):
    D A
    i got my first real six string - brought it at the five & dime
    D A
    played it til my fingers bled - was the summer of '69
    D A
    me and some guys from school - had a band and we tried real hard
    D A
    jimmy quit and jody got married - shoulda known we'd never get far

    Bm A D G
    oh when i look back now - that summer seemed to last for ever
    Bm A D G
    and if i had the choice - ya i'd always wanna be there
    Bm A
    those were the best days of my life

    (Solo plays once)

    D A
    ain't no use complaining - when ya gotta job to do
    D A
    spent my evenings down at the drive in - and that's when i met you ya
    Bm A D G
    standing on your mamma's porch - you told me that you'd wait forever
    Bm A D G
    and when i held your hand - i knew that it was now or never
    Bm A
    those were the best days of my life

    (Solo kicks of again for 2 repeats)
    Oh yeah - back in the summer of '69

    F Bb
    man we were killin' time
    C Bb
    we were young and reckless - we needed to unwind
    F Bb C
    i guess nothing can last forever, forever Yao

    (Solo kicks for the 3rd time and repeats 4 times)

    and now the times are changin'
    look at everything that's come and gone
    sometimes when i play my old six string
    i think about you wonder what went wrong

    (3rd solo ends here)

    Bm A D G
    standing on your manna's porch - you told me it'd last forever
    Bm A D G
    and when i held your hand - i knew that it was now or never
    Bm A
    those were the best days of my life

    (Solo starts for last time and repeats 8 times til end)
    Oh yeah - back in the summer of '69
    Yah han - it was a summer of '69
    Oh yeah - it was a summer of '69
    Oh yeah (Song starts to fade out here and ends)

    A - [x 0 2 2 2 0]
    Bb - [x 1 3 3 3 1]
    Bm - [x 2 4 4 3 2]
    C - [x 3 2 0 1 0]
    D - [x x 0 2 3 2]
    F - [1 3 3 2 1 1]
    G - [3 2 0 0 0 3]

    If you had two guitarist, play solo on one and play chords on other. Generally I use Cnty Rhythm (D DU UDU) played twice in few chords and played once in some lines. Its my costum way to play and sounds quite well. Originally its DdDdddddddddd (I think so) where D means strum with power to get more sound and d is normal strums. Play this with overdrive.


    Think I had explained enough so that a person playing from just two weeks can also play it. So happy playing.

    To view chords correctly, see attachment. Also I will post the solo recording very soon.

    And yeah, REPLYS are must, so give feedback please.

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  2. shadowcaster

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  3. amit82cse

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    wow..superb..u rock..

    1K to you..cheers..
  4. DrSaurabh

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    tht aint the So69 solo...this is....psoting Midi for now...
    what u posted is the intro

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  5. ssslayer

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    sUmmer of 69 solo? ...
    i remember ... it was one of my earliest fav song ...

    but it has intro ... which keeps on playing ...
    and the one that Doc has posted is outro ...
  6. DrSaurabh

    DrSaurabh Wh@+s Up D0C

    the solo leads intot he outro..the outro fades out so u cant really hear much but the outro is basically the 14 and 15 frets on 2 and 3 rd strings respectively.....
    that is the only thing in that song which comes close to the solo....
    have u noticed this..the intro towards the end is played an octave higher....:grin:
  7. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    yeah ... some of the lead stuff on BAdams is good ... like Run to You ... I'll be somebody ... Kids wanna Rock ... Everything u do ...

    nice simple melodic stuff ...
  8. shadowcaster

    shadowcaster Darkness Everywhere

    Thanks amit for those 1k.
    @DrSaurabh, I was not sure what to say it. So I called it solo as it plays throughout the song in some interval. This was my first line of the post : Here is the solo part of summer of 69 (Its not solo adjactlly but I will call it anyway); you can see I was not sure. Thx for telling me it was intro. Also thanks for that midi.
  9. shadowcaster

    shadowcaster Darkness Everywhere

    Hey Ssslayer. I too like Bryan Adams. I had already tabbed out his songs like 'Everything I Do' and 'Run to You'. I think I can post thost too (If anybody wants them).
  10. shadowcaster

    shadowcaster Darkness Everywhere

    Hey DrSaurabh, I don't think that there is a intro in that song. I went home and heard the song and don't think it has one. Intro is that part with which song begins and in that song, it starts with struming on D chord then to A chord and repeat. The part I posted starts after first two paragraphs fore one play, then after riffs for few times and continues time to time.

    So coment PLEASE.
  11. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    oops ... i meant that thing is intro in the unplugged version ...
    and in the electric it just keeps repeating during the song (not an intro) ...

    electric intro is just muted power chords ... (with variations)
  12. shadowcaster

    shadowcaster Darkness Everywhere

    Thats why I got confused. Thanks Ssslayer.
  13. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    @shad heehe..i was about to post the same chords,man!! but anyway gud job ;-) cant rep u coz i need to spread more..but 1k points for u :grin:

  14. shadowcaster

    shadowcaster Darkness Everywhere

    Thanks Vini for those 1K.
  15. rocking_devil

    rocking_devil Banned

    thats is no solo dude :annoyed: , its just a small part of the song.if at all you want ther solo you can check out drsaurabh's link or you better get the powertab file from summer of 69 from what you have posted is infact something which any begginer might be knowing! :p:
  16. rocking_devil

    rocking_devil Banned

    the intro isnt played throughout.theres different riff for verses as well. :p:
  17. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    yeah ...

    "which keeps on playing" ... i meant it comes up time and again in the song ...
    not that it keeps playing ... c'mon man ... i am not that musically illiterate ...
  18. shadowcaster

    shadowcaster Darkness Everywhere

    @ roking; I know that it is not the solo and is played in middle parts of song. How many times I had to say it. By the way, I had given the chords too so that intermideates can play and what I had poasted was basiclly for beginers only as many beginers get trouble in playing that, so I gave the recording too.
    I just not posted my whole recording coz' it was too long and would take much more web space.

    I was only trying to help. Now you got it.
  19. rocking_devil

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    @ssslayer - io know you are literate.i dunno what made you think like that!

    @shdaow - why an aggressive attitude for?anywayz, meet you letr!
  20. shadowcaster

    shadowcaster Darkness Everywhere

    Man I am not aggresive at you. If u feel so, then I am sorry. But I was only trying to tell you my motive of this post and why I don't post my whole recording. Beginers find it difficult so I explained a lot.

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