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  1. baldeep

    baldeep New Member

    hi guyz........can anyone plz tell me where can i get suman chatterjee's songs? im not a bengali but can understand bengali as i was born n brougt up in jamshedpur.....have heard a lot bout him plz help me out :beer:
  2. raj_gourav

    raj_gourav New Member

    after tagore, its suman

    with due respect to everyone, for me after rabindranath tagore its always suman chatterjee. tagore is on one end of the spectrum and suman is on the other end. no one lies in between. i believe that if one studies everything written by tagore then that person does not need any formal education in life. tagore is in himself an institution, an university. any literate man who has never read tagore remains totally uneducated. to swim in the length and breadth of tagore's works is a lifetime passion for me...

    i consider myself a product of the so called "jibon-mukhi" revolution which was pioneered by suman chatterjee in early nineties. suman, anjan dutt and nachiketa were the three musketeers who revolutionised bengali music. hats-off to suman for his awesome repertoire of songs and amazing lyrics. each line in each of his songs matters. its not only for rhyming, every line every word carries a meaning and a message. suman is one of the living greats in our city. may he live for a 100 years.
  3. apurbajd

    apurbajd ~#$&*$@*^$

    ^^check ur inbox....
  4. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    Is there any doctor in the house :sadbye:
  5. sapnic

    sapnic New Member

    sumon is good....

    creative... (some times very creative in copying.... otherz work!)

    whateva... he is good.... B ut can be compared with the tagore... shouldnt be...
  6. sayanakaharry

    sayanakaharry Forum Leader


    first let me tell u how things work here. the thread, if you observe closely the first post, is about a person requestin places to get SONGS by SUMAN. its not a thread for eulogising and idolising him. so first of all your post is OFFTOPIC, and all OFFTOPIC posts are treated as SPAM and therefore are elgible to be deleted.

    secondly, as a learner of rabindrasangeet for the last thirteen years, i personally find your equalising of tagore and suman in very bad taste.u are comparing a commercial singer/composer with a creative genius, who was, apart from being a master author, poet and composer, a brilliant artist, thinker and philosopher as well ( a Noble Laureate too for that matter). however, this is my PERSONAL opinion and everyone is entitled to his/her own. God Bless!!
  7. shawkat

    shawkat New Member

    Jiyo Guru!!!

    u r absolutley right!!!
    salute u....

  8. debankan

    debankan The bassist from hell

    If Sumon is the person 2nd to tagore, then according to your calculations Rupom must be greater than tagore.
  9. pixelord

    pixelord New Member

    I am shocked!!

    Hi sayanakaharry, I absolutely agree with you.

    I am literally shocked, when I found someone compared Tagore and Sumon.
    It is a total lack of taste due to our commercial vandalism in music.

    I think it is the hints of ignorance and narrow sightedness of our generation. I don’t want to be rude, but I think it is comparing bathtub with a sea. Comparing tagore with someone, without knowing his height is a crime. Moreover if we say Tagore and Sumon is the whole spectrum, we are making fun of the large arena of Bengali music. We had lots of prodigy in our Bengali music history. We cannot ignore achievement of timeless Nazrul, Lalon Fakir, Hasan Rajah and enumerable music prodigy from every nook and corner of ancient Bengal.
  10. tito419sep

    tito419sep New Member

    I agree suman is good but in no way he comes anywhere near to tagore.
  11. sislam39c

    sislam39c New Member

    Let’s go lobby for a noble for Suman!!!
  12. john2k7

    john2k7 New Member

    i read of all the posts in this thread..but i cn see tht there is no such "address" where u can found suman's also a big fan of Suman chatterjee...and also lookin fr his new songs...
    at dis momment try this link...
    if u can't understand d meaning of dis song ,den post me...
  13. kuntalm

    kuntalm New Member

    Tagore then Me and then Suman

    Hey raj_goru,
    If Sumon is the person 2nd to tagore, then where should I keep myself ?????
    I always think I am >= Suman but <<<<<<<<<< Tagore.
    So here is the medalian stand.

    1. Tagore
    2. Myself
    3. Suman

    By the way have you ever heard of someone called "Salil Chowdhury" ??? or "S D Burman" or "R D Burman" or "Sudhin Dashgupta" !!!

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