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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by vicks_virgo, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. vicks_virgo

    vicks_virgo New Member

    I am planning to buy an electric guitar in the range of Rs. 15,000 to 20,000. I mainly play rock and sometimes metal (not heavy). I have shortlisted Ibanez GRG270, Ibanez GRG220DEX, Cort EVL Z4 and Cort EVL K4. The lower middle Ibanez, as we all know, do not come with good PICKUPs but both the above mentioned Corts have EMG-HZ H4 (H-H). I have heard a lot of good words about EMG pickups. Also, the build quality and finishing also seems to be much better in Corts. But at the same time, Corts are the most underrated guitars worldwide. Now, my questions are:

    1. How about the response (In terms of quality, finish and performance) of Cort electric guitars? Compare them with Ibanez. Should I go for Corts?
    2. Are the EMGs fitted in the EVL Z4 and EVL K4 the good ones or so so? This is because I have heard that only the higher end EMG pickups are good and give brilliant response.
    3. Can I go for some other Guitars in this price range? If yes, please give suggestions as I am open to other Guitars as well.

    Waiting for your kind suggestions

    Thanks and regards
    Vikrant Arora
  2. vicks_virgo

    vicks_virgo New Member

    Come on guys, give your esteemed advice regarding this. I am desperately waiting.
  3. romancerig

    romancerig Banned

    Go for ibanez dude! No idea abt corts..nd corts r only available on bajaao.
  4. vicks_virgo

    vicks_virgo New Member

    Dear Romancerig, you are based in Mumbai but Corts are available at Raj Musicals and Onstage here in New Delhi. Can you tell me something more about Ibanez? Waiting.........
  5. romancerig

    romancerig Banned

    Since u r more into hardrock.. chek out greg bennett avion av6 (seymour duncan pups)...def better than emg pups of cort IMO.kickass sustain! comparable to Prs single cuts.:)
  6. vicks_virgo

    vicks_virgo New Member

    Dear romancerig, any idea as to how much will Greg Bennett Avion av6 cost to me in Delhi? Also tell me what kind of guitar is this? BTW, I have read some very good reviews about seymour duncan pickups.
  7. romancerig

    romancerig Banned

    Its a les paul style guitar,fixed bridge,dual humb.costs around 18.5k in mumbai.
  8. vicks_virgo

    vicks_virgo New Member

    This is for all IGTians. Please come forward and give your valuable suggestions regarding my query. Help me in getting out of this dilemma.
  9. ballzofsteel

    ballzofsteel New Member

    Hmmm....the only guitar shop in New Delhi which has Greg Bennete guitars is Bhatia in Khanna market.....and i checked the price for av6 and av3 there.....he offered me 15100 for the av3 and somewhere around 20 grand for the av6......not a great deal IMO......and i think u should try the Washburn WI18 .....awesome guitar(i own one:D)....check it out in Bharat music house in Lajpat nagar.
  10. -Nemesis-

    -Nemesis- New Member

    AV-6 kicks ass,I had this borrowed AV-3 from my friend,but that guitar isn't made for heavy distortion ^^.
    You can also check out Epiphone LP 100 if you have a midrange budget,the 220DEX is cool...but Im not into low end Ibanez guitars,Id suggest you get a Jackson RR3 if you can afford it. ^^.
    I own it and I ****ing love it. :)
    You can also check out Slammer guitars,they're the low end forms of hamer,I think they'll be there at Furtados or Bhargavas..and try not to go for a guitar with a low end trem system. :)
  11. alnico

    alnico New Member

    for screaming rock guitar style cort EVL Z4 (rs 18000 Bajaao) is great, av6 for clean and warm jazzy tone. Don't go for lower end ibanez guitars..
  12. vicks_virgo

    vicks_virgo New Member

    @ alnico: Hey buddy what else do you know about cort EVL Z4? How about getting a clean tone from this guitar? I know that it has got H-H pic ups combination. Does this still give a good clear tone?
  13. varun1712

    varun1712 New Member

    Going for the Ibanez is suicide. Dont waste your money. For rock or anything even slightly 'heavier' i would recommend a Greg Bennet AV-6 or AV-3, anyone you can afford. Cort Z-4 is a brilliant guitar, amazing sound, looks and you cannot get better value for money, anywhere. I got mine for 15k from Delhi and for the money its more then I could imagine. The EMG HZ do a really good job actually, you just have to get the right settings from your pedals and amps and they are REALLY tight. For those who dont know, Cort is one the largest manufacturers of guitars in the world, they make the low ends for all your 'big' companies.

    I assume your a beginner? Dont buy any guitar with a Floyd Rose or any other complicated bridge system, it'll you over, seriously. Dont look at the Ibanez's, and the Epiphone ep100 is a shit of a guitar. Its just selling because it resembles a Les Paul, vaugely. Look into Washburns also.
  14. vicks_virgo

    vicks_virgo New Member

    Dear Varun1712,
    Thanx for the info on cort Z4 and other guitars. But, I would like to clear one thing that I am not a beginner. I have been playing guitar for the last 14-15 years. I am more into accoustics. I own an electric guitar but I cannot mention the brand. Anyways, thanks again and if you have some other information to share, please share it. BTW, when and where, in Delhi, did you get your Cort Z4 in Rs.15K as Rajmusicals is running short of it.
  15. vicks_virgo

    vicks_virgo New Member

  16. romancerig

    romancerig Banned

    If u played the cort n liked it..then go for it man!
  17. boogeyman

    boogeyman New Member

    Hey there.... At the budget you have and genres you play, i'd suggest you go for jackson js35 kelly.... It is a super cool marty friedman style with some serious sustain and a really playable neck..... Along with a floyd rose... Total vfm guitar... However beware of the tuning issues and some seriously killong tone which can make a good guitarist look better but a bad guitarist worse...
    And if you go for customised guitar, i'd suggest play any that you find comfortable to play do not consider the sound and then have the pickups replaced at the same shop with the seymour duncan combo or emg h4.... Do not go fo active pickups if you have not used them before... They can be disastrous for first timers esp during live gigs
  18. vendettarevived

    vendettarevived New Member

    The question was asked about 4 years ago! :-s I guess the OP must have bought something by now.
  19. amithkallupalam

    amithkallupalam New Member

    Cort KX1Q man. Cort will be better than IBZ. I like mahogany over basswood. And there are very few mahogany bodied IBZs... Good luck


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