Suggestions on Yamaha pacifica 112 and 112j

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by raghupavan, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. raghupavan

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    Hello all,
    im lookin forward to buy a electric guitar...can anybody suggest me on yamaha pacifica 112 and 112 j models?? initially i thought both the models r same but when i checked out the yamaha website i find only 112j..pls tell me how good is that model and the difference between those 2 modles...
  2. gulabjamun2

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    I did a little research on these guitars last month. I ended up buying the Fender Standard Strat, but I learned during my research that this is a good affordable "Strat" style guitar for beginners. The sound is not in the same class as the more expensive Strats, but it is quite decent nontheless.

    I haven't come across a model that is known only as "112". The ones I did come across are: "112J", "112JL", "112M" and "112ML".

    The difference between the 112J and the 112M is that the 112J has a Rosewooed fretboard while the 112M has a Maple fretboard. Other than that, they are identical.
    The 112JL and 112ML are lefty versions of the 112J and 112M respectively.

    For an absolute beginner, the fretboard might not matter as far as playing goes. If you do decide to buy this guitar, just aim to get either the 112J or 112M at the cheapest possible price.


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