suggestions for quality acoustic in delhi/mumbai

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by rammy, May 7, 2005.

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    HELP need suggestions for quality acoustic in delhi/mumbai URGENT

    Hey ppl,
    i am planning to get a decent acoustic guitar but am not able to decide on which one and also from where to get it. i live in faridabad(NCR - near delhi) . i am looking for price range of about 12k - 17k.i am playing guitar for about a year now and am able to experiment a bit.i am stuck with a givson venus rose right now which is going pathetic day by day(jayanth you are right about givson). i also have a yamaha c-40 classical guitar but i want a good quality acoustic with some nice pickups to plug it in too. i was unable to find anything in delhi but i am visiting mumbai this month so i can even pick up a guitar from there.hey evryone, do help asap. i checked some guitars on the net and found ibanez quite good w/t price range around $300 . has anyone played it before? or any other . model - price and shop(whether in delhi or mumbai) would be appriciated.

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