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    Hello all,
    I am an intermediate guitarist and hav been playing d guitar from d past 6 years. My geners of interest are bluesrock, alternative rock,hard rock and progressive/alternative metal. Over the years I've been working over my blues skills, and I must say dat I've gotten pretty good in bluesrock n stuff. Now I wanna take my playing to the next level, ie. shredding stuff like alter bridge, zakk wylde,troy stetina,malmsteen etc. I can play gud upto 100-120 bpm but after dat , my playing starts to become sloppy. For this, I've started using Speed mechanics by troy stetina from the very basic level. My question is, from d more experienced players dat wat other exercises/books should I follow to achieve a solid speed playing and building my legatos. I'm ready to give 2-3 hrs daily, and if any1 here has used speed mechanics before, can u plz tell me if dat has helped or not?

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