Suggestions for Electric guitar and Amp within 30K

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by rickie, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. rickie

    rickie New Member

    I have been playing guitar for 2 years now. I am mainly interested in rock and metal. Please suggest me some good guitars and Amp within a total budget of 30K. The budget may be slightly flexible but not much.
  2. soumyaranjan

    soumyaranjan New Member

    Epiphone dot should be around 26k and invest another 6k for a roland microcube or about 7.5k for a mustang I which is 20W, a very good practice amp. If you want to reduce further get a dot studio which is about 8k cheaper. I used a epiphone dot cherry for about 6 months and frankly i loved that guitar. For its price its awesome. The dot has set neck, two (good, fat and pretty noiseless) humbuckers and the added advantage is the TOM bridge it comes with.
  3. tirtha2chester

    tirtha2chester New Member

    Schecter Damien 6
    Schecter Omen Extreme FR
    BC Rich Kerry King V
    Ibanez RG350
    Greg Bennett Avion AV6
    Cort EVLK6
    ESP LTD F xxx (a don't remember the model no)
    ESP LTD AX xxx (a don't remember the model no)

    These are some guitars that are great for playing metal

    Laney LX12
    Fender Mustang 20
    Line 6 Spider IV 15
    Roland Cube 15
    Stranger NS30
    Peavy Vypyr 15
    (Stay away from Marshall MGs)

    Some good amps to play metal with..

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