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  1. amitg

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    Hi Guys and few gals (i dont really find postings from gals),

    I have been trying to learn guitar since a year - I joined a guitar class to learn basic plucking and strumming techniques. However, due to lack of time and unavailabilty of any good tutor nearby, i had to quit. Now I play some tabs posted on the site on my own, but i realize that this is not the way to properly learn guitar :(.

    Can you guitar gurus (my virtual mentors :)) suggest some good books on guitar? I understand that i am too naive in this field, but i am particularly passionate about mastering tabs and instrumental guitar.

  2. chatty_arko

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    dude try learin it from a class coz der u can have face to fece interaction n he can point ur mistakes also
  3. Saptashaw

    Saptashaw PRO Tabber

    Take lessons from a good teacher. "Guitar Handbook" by Ralph Denyer is a very comprehensive book. Try it out.
  4. Morbid_Angel

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    Oi go check my post in QA forum.

    Thread : How to upload songs on soundclick

    I uploaded 2 of my books again...check it.

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