Suggestion for buying an electrical guitar for beginer

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  1. selvarajvignesh

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    frnds i ll be in delhi in a month,,,so plz suggest me a good electric guitar for 6000-7000 rupees,,,,,plz do note that i m a beginer and can play chords decently but not strong on lead side,,thanks
  2. yash1331

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    tip about frets !!!

    i hv a perfect electric guitar for u !!!! if u want to buy a new (nt 2nd hand ) buy jaja electric guitar !!! reason : i hv dis guitar !! ma friends hv other bt ma guitar's fret bar is softer then ma friend's guitars !! ma guitar's frets are easy to press nt too much pressure needed !!!! i hv a pic too for u !!!!! but u are a biggner so i suppose u tht u don't need da electric guitar now !!! buy any acoustic or semi-acoustic guitar buy remember the fret tip !!!! it will be easy to play on dis type fret guitars !!!! nd da java's electric guitar's price is ₹6000 - yash1331 ^_^ (

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  3. alpha1

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    ^ What is meant by "Fret of others"?
  4. yash1331

    yash1331 New Member

    other common guitar hv da very small frets !!!! in volume !!!!
  5. volcano619

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    I don get it ?? :|

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