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    I have put tabs for a lot of songs so far. I would now like to share the book and document I frequently refer, for the benefit of all.

    The attached file is my first inspirational article - I learnt a lot over the last 2 years (alongwith my guitar playing) - In understanding the basic raga and the way in which IR had tuned a song - Mixture of raga and filmi music etc..

    Hope this would be useful to you in understanding things in a bigger way.

    I also refer to the book "Chords & Raaga (II edition) by G. Krishnan. The price is Rs.150, printed by Srikris Publications, Chennai - 78. The book is available in 'Landmark' book shop and with all leading book sellers.

    This is a fantastic book one should possess for better understanding of chords and raga. It presents a study on the structure of Indian Film Music from the perspective of Scales, Chords & Raaga. It is Bhagawad Gita for me.

    Subsequent edition may have come now and also additional books on the same topic by the same author.

    Please go through this book and enhance your skills in guitar.

    I would also request all of you to suggest here any such useful article or books that you might have come across for the benefit of all IGT Members......................................... Sathya

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  2. too lengthy sir....
    but i will try to read it when i get some free time. Thanks Sir.
  3. Also, i'll look for that book in landmark. Thanks :)
  4. SATHYA167

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    The attachment can not be read just like that. You need to read several time few chapters at a time.... Sathya
  5. i realised that,...thats why i said i'll do it in free time. though it's a bit complex, it is a very good source.
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    Am or Bbm <string u have to plug>(54123123123123) and then F or F# (54123123123123)

    Plz try this and let me know
  7. Pl don't mind Sir, I've tried this and kind of like the tune... but what is this?
  8. deimos

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    sorry I have placed this reply in the wrong place :p sry for the inconvenience caused by me :'( I really apologize for this :'(

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