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  1. purnachander

    purnachander New Member

    hi., guys .. i'm new to this site and as well as to guitar..,i learnt guitar for about two months..,i want to play some songs..,So plz suggest me some good songs irrespective of language...., and suggest some sites whr i can find guitar tabs..,hope u guys can help me ..

    thanks in advance
  2. cvadit

    cvadit New Member

    When u say nothing at all-Ronan Keating & Wonderwall-oasis, you will get the guitar tabs fairly easy from google... Hav fun
  3. Hi purna,
    Welcome to IGT. I think you must've learnt tabs pretty well in these two months.
    keep learning chords, preferably from a teacher.
    Try out songs you know... if you listen to more of telugu songs, practice more of telugu songs.
    With practice, you will usually get to a stage to figure out the tabs yourself.
    The key here is to listen a hundred times before you play.
    Enjoy your stay at IGT,

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