Suggest me some good songs please.. :)

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    I am actually gonna play in a show this month (no I am not a professional in guitar playing or something just learning from you guys and youtube's help) and I need some good english songs which could be played and sung along..
    Like I liked the song "Good riddance time of your life - Greenday" and "boulevard of broken dreams - greenday " and few of that kind.. So if anyone could suggest me some soft english songs I would be really grateful to you.. Thank you all in advance..
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    45 views and no comments ? Guys ! I'm just a few days away from that show .. Please suggest me some good songs as early so I can master over them... I don't want to sound dumb on stage .
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    Sorry for the late reply but i just saw the thread now. Try playing say by john mayer and tears in heaven by eric clapton. Also try to play stairway to heaven by led zep.
    Good luck and I hope I am not too late. :D
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    Thank god someone replied at last.. No you aren't late.. I have got 12 more hours to practice.. The shows in the morning and after that in the evening... So I can practice the whole night today.. And these songs seem very good ! :D I hope I don't forget anything onstage.. :D Thanks again !
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    Oh man the chord progressions for both the songs are damn difficult to cope with while singing along and also I got less time... :( I liked third one which was easy to carry on while singing as well.. I will try that ... So one for the morning show is done... If at all I am able to complete for the evening, I will perform else I will have to get a hindi song done (No other option would be left )
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    21 Guns by Greenday would solve your problem(i hope so), Dm Bb F C Progression for verses, And easy Power Chords in chorus, you can use this simple strum pattern D DDU (3/4 time), with lyrics memorized you can nail it in 3 days max(a person who has been playing for atleast 6 months and with some experience in playing semi-barres and power chords), advantage is that people would love your performance when you sing equally well as the play and sing would be quite easy for the song(simple strum rhythm), sorry for the late reply; you can consider this suggestion for your next chance over stage

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