Suggest me a Guitar teacher in Pune

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by mrinspune, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. mrinspune

    mrinspune New Member

    Does anybody knows any good Spanish guitar teacher in Pune in and around Shivaji nagar,Aundh areas? I came to know about a teacher UDI near FC Road, any suggestions?
  2. chill_jd

    chill_jd New Member

    udi is a psycho

    he is a real jerk!!he is such a feku!!and money is more important to him!!i visited him once too..if u want to seriously learn and u have patience!!go fot institute of modern is very very very professional its near fc only..moderncolony if u hav heard..i quit because it was too far me i stay at sinhgad hostel thats y...
  3. mrinspune

    mrinspune New Member

    Thanx buddy for the info., could u tell me the location or any contact no. of institute of modern music..
  4. Yati

    Yati New Member

  5. mrinspune

    mrinspune New Member

    Could you let me khow the name and any contact no. if possible, of that guy in JM road.

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