suggesstions 4 chords .........plz, do reply !

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  1. noopsi

    noopsi New Member

    hey guys!!
    i m learning guitar 4rom last 3 months , i have learnt C, D, E and G chords. & number of combination of Sa , Re , Ga ,Ma........
    but i wont be able to continue it , u know money problem.
    From last 3 months i have learnt a lot from this site.
    Can any one suggest me , how will i learn by doing self study .
    Any suggesstions of books , forums , chats ?????????
    or i'll b glad if anyone tell me about what 2 learn next after these chords & i'll search it in IGT & try 2 learn it .......................
    PLZ GUYS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<DO, REPLY !!!!!!!
  2. meet_shiraz

    meet_shiraz New Member

    Hey,guitar lessons without a teacher can be tough...but not impossible...There is a friend of mine who learnt guitar through books and the net....There are books available for teaching you and what's better than IGT here?Don't worry first remember the most important thing in learning guitar is Patience and Practice...Now that you've learnt the C,D,E and G chords,practice switching between'll take some time but you'll be able to switch them fast if you practice enough...Try Switching the Chords with various progressions such as D,G,D,A...A,E,A,G...C,D,C,G and then like C,D,G,A etc... and at the same also practice something for leads...such as finger excersises(There are many on the Guitar Tutorials and Beginners Q&A Forum here)...Then try going over for barre barre chords can be painful and very tough at the start but never give hope...if you practice hard enough in about a months time you can get your barre chords right...Then again practice switching between can be a lot time consuming but don't ever give up...once you've mastered those...swith over to power chords...they won't take much time if you've mastered the open chords and barre chords....(Tutorials on Bar and Power chords are available on IGT and all over the net...use google for that) the same time there is a thread somewhere here called easy guitar songs tabs which have guitar tabs of easy hindi songs...try playing them and practice over them...and then move over to arpeggios,riffs and stuff....Just be patient...who knows maybe in some months time you'll be an even better guitarist than many here :)
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  3. sachoo

    sachoo drenched in my pain again

    Thts gr8 initiative shiraz. reps for u :).

    @noopsi, i think if u already know how to play chords n notes so there's no problem in picking up. As said by shiraz, go thru the learner's forum n u will find a lot. IGT has loads in it's ocean :beer:. Lastly, practice n practice n practice buddy. All ur hard work gonna make it..

    All the best :beer:
  4. meet_shiraz

    meet_shiraz New Member

    Thanks a lot sachoo:)
  5. noopsi

    noopsi New Member

    thanks Shiraz!! gr8 suggestions !!!
    u r right - learning guitar without a teacher can be tough...but not impossible
    I have searched easy hindi songs & found quite a few & also i''ll practice various combinations of chords.....& above all wont let it go so easily !!!
    One more thing i want 2 ask. ........... In many songs the tabs are written in the form Am , Bm like this ...... Numbers i understand but what do these means ....?
  6. nik_bokacheley

    nik_bokacheley :help: I'm a mad :sadbye:

    These are minor chords. You said you have learnt few major chords right ? So, next you have to learn a few minors. There are plenty of chord shapes available. Just search for chord charts either on IGT or on google. Before you start playing songs, just look here and there for chords. By heart the chord shapes.

  7. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

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    ur lucky that u attended the classes for 3 months..i attended hardly for 2 months and trust me there are people here who didnt attend any classes or didnt meet any instructor AT ALL and they play guitar amazingly...Learn all major and minor chords and then the scale.
    Also take a look at lessons on and and most importantly stick around coz u will have loads to learn from IGT..keep practising!
    all the best! :)
  8. meet_shiraz

    meet_shiraz New Member

    Yup nik_bokacheley is right...those are minor chords....(Forgot to tell you about them,sorry!)every chord has various forms like suspended(sus),flat(b) and minor(m) that means a Bb chords would be a B flat chord,a Bm would be B minor and so on...i suggest downloading a chord dictionary software or something like that or log on to Ares(its a P2P software) and search for sheet music-guitar chord dictionary...i have it and i can give it to you...and keep on practising....and Best of Luck:)
  9. meet_shiraz

    meet_shiraz New Member

    Hey (i am an idiot honestly) just do one thing give me your email id and i'll send the chord chart to you via an's about 380kb a pdf document but dead useful....
  10. g0g0l

    g0g0l ! SpAm

    I suggest all the beginners( Like me :)) to use Guitar Pro (4 or 5....4 is much smaller) to see tonz and tonz of chords and their shapes etc. I also do not have any teachers. I am learning it myself. I know many will not agree, but I think the best way to learn guitar is to learn it yourself. No one can teach you guitar if you don't practice enough ( I prctce for atleast 2 hours a day). So don't lose ur spirit dude, it is better that you do not have any teacher. It will help you to develop your own skill not only on guitar, but also on music itself!
  11. noopsi

    noopsi New Member

    Thanks A LOT GUYS !!!!!!!

    Thanks A LOT GUYS !!!!!!!

    frankly speaking your suggessions are a big moral booster 4 me.
    I m so happy that i m here .
    Thanks guys & thanks IGT. :)
  12. noopsi

    noopsi New Member

    next step

    hi guys !
    i found chord chart at IGT here's the address -

    but i couldnt understood a word of it.
    what i have used while playing C,D ,E & G chords is just 2 place three fingers at three diff positions but in this chord chart , five to six positions are mentioned ... now i m totally confused ,,,, any suggesstions????

    also meet_shiraz i was waiting 4 ur chord chart ...
  13. sayanakaharry

    sayanakaharry Forum Leader

    i always found that learning the CAGED system was the best way to start off. dan morgan describes in his book the "three chord trick" which is basically three chords in a key that can be used to play simple songs. its a standard 1-4-5 progression, or the tonic-dominant 7th-subdominant progression.
    practice can be like this

    G / / / | D7 / / / | C / / / | D7 / / / | G


    D / / / | A7 / / / | G / / / | A7 / / / | D

    transpose to the other keys of C, A and E.

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