Substitute 4 AMPS!!!!!

Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by prog_man_0101, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. prog_man_0101

    prog_man_0101 Dain Bramaged

    This may sound wierd.....
    BUt i have to spend all my savins on the Fender Squire Strat which I am plannin 2 buy......So i can't afford an Amp right now.....atleast 4 few months. u ppl think that I can play the elec by pluggin it on the line-In of the inbuilt soundcard of my PC......n also by runnin software simulations of amps like Revalver or Guitar-FX??????? ( I have active spkrs with inbuilt amplification )

    I knw it can't substitute a reAL AMP.......but i can live with it...atleast till i can save enough 2 buy a new one!!!!!!

    Help me out PLZ!!!!!.......:help:
  2. rahulp

    rahulp **Fallen Angel**

    Hello dude, You present a problem that even I had to face sometime back! I considered the same option and here's what i found out:

    You can connect your guitar to your PC soundcard!!!


    If you can't afford an amp, there's no chance you can afford the extension you need to have to be able to connect your guitar to the computer!! there are a few extensions (VTX extensions etc).. but very hard to find and four times the cost of an entry level amp!!! So Sorry mate, but unless you can find a guy to find an ingenious solution to that (someone amazing at computer hardware plus sound engineering plus electrical wizadry).

    So just wait it out till you get an amp, the playing experience would be much sweeter after a while's waiting!!! (I just borrowed an amp from a freind, so try that)

    Good luck!!
  3. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    ^What are you talking about? There's a small converter pin that fits into your guitar cable whereby you can directly connect your guitar into your computer soundboard. I forget what it's called, costs about 40 bucks or so.
  4. dennis

    dennis The Bhangra King

    Buddy, what have you been drinking?? The lead to connect to the computer costs Rs 10 , the pin around Rs 30.
  5. god_of_guitar

    god_of_guitar New Member

    there is no substitue to an amp. i would rather suggest that be a little more patient and buy an amp ull enjoy your guitar much more. you wont get a good sound through a computer
  6. sayanakaharry

    sayanakaharry Forum Leader

    @prog man

    well, the cable you use with your guitar is has two male 1/4 inch jacks either side. the line in on mic in (i'd recommend the mic -in ) sockets are female EP sockets. so you just need a small converter 1/4 inch to EP, which, as dennis said, costs around 10 15 rupees. then you need an fx simulator software like ReValver or GUITAR FX. if you want more info about those apps, i can help you, just shoot me a pm. though this arrangement wont be as good as an actual amp, it will definitely be more than enough to keep you afloat and playing until you save up and buy an amp.
  7. prog_man_0101

    prog_man_0101 Dain Bramaged

    BUddy...u scared the hell out of me dude!!!!!.............:shock:

    Thnx 4 the info bro.........n i knw man tht this arrangement can nvr sub an AMP......but i am a poor GUY!!!!!!!!!.....:eek::..........good thin tht atleast i have a PC!!!!!
  8. .:SpY_GaMe:.

    .:SpY_GaMe:. New Member

    @ dist u usually get that stuf for free when u buy guit + ampli
  9. ace_guitarist

    ace_guitarist New Member

    hey dude try using the guitar rig

    hey prog try using the guitar rig software .. ithas almost all the effects in built... its much much much better than guitar fx box
  10. dennis

    dennis The Bhangra King

    Have you tried it?? Does is work without the foot pedal ;)
  11. sridhar11_2

    sridhar11_2 Instrumental guitarist

    It does work without the foot pedal. Its really realistic. The models come really close to actual thing (better than Line6). But for best use you must have a zero latency soundcard. But does work with any soundcard.
  12. rahulp

    rahulp **Fallen Angel**

    Whoa.. sorry guys... especially the guy who wanted the comp plug in.. a whiz kid around my neighborhood told me so and i believed him cuz he's an IIT guy .. looks like i've been conned... but noetheless.. MY SINCERE APOLOGIES!!!
  13. ace_guitarist

    ace_guitarist New Member

    ya sure it works without a foot pedal ... just u will not be able it for some effects which need the pedal like wah wah etc
  14. ace_guitarist

    ace_guitarist New Member

    ya and about the latancy ... u need a good compatible sound card i. if thats there u can use guitar rig without any problem at all ......but u can try adjusting the setting for a better result (like adjust the latency )
  15. dennis

    dennis The Bhangra King

    the sound is too choppy, its almost like a tremolo effect lol. I guess my soundcard is craptastic. Its the one shipped along with an Inter 915
  16. sridhar11_2

    sridhar11_2 Instrumental guitarist

    Thats the latency problem i was talking about. But you can still use it as a post production effect. You can use it as a plugin in your recording package like audacity.
  17. Chi

    Chi B.D. Fisher

    u can plug in ur guitar into ur pc. but no matter how good speakers u have, believe me they r not meant for guitars. a guitar amp is much different.

    and for a software like revalver, i guess u need good pc fast processor n a nice soundcard i guess.

    also, i personally dont like the fender 'squier'.

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