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  1. distorted

    distorted satan

    D F#m
    arj hai ek daastaan,
    D F#m
    jiski hai na koi jubaan
    D F#m
    sunate the hum lekin magar,
    D F#m
    likhnewaale ka na hai pata
    Bm A
    hai kahaani aisi meri,
    Bm A
    hai aajaadi is mein meri
    D A G A
    le chalo mujhe jannat wahaan
    D A G D
    woh aawaaj pukaaro mujhe yahaan
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  2. vikas.kulkarni@

    vikas.kulkarni@ New Member

    I don't think your chords are completely correct. F#m in the first lines is more suitable than Fm. The last line goes like this:
    le chalo mujhe jannat ab ahaan
  3. distorted

    distorted satan

    sorry for the typo. i meant to write F#m at all the places instead of Fm... corrected.

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