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    Guys, this is a short-cut version! I didn't have the patience to submit the entire verses! But I have posted ALL the required tabs. Rest all is more or less repeated :cool:
    This is a simplified version of "why georgia" :) Just see if you like it!

    ----0h2 0-----0---0------------------------------------------
    Play the above 4 times

    Play Part-1
    I am driving at
    85 in the
    kind of morning that
    Lasts all afternoon

    *Part 2

    ----------------------------------- |
    -------------------------------------|-->>Repeat twice
    --2-2h5p2--2-2h5p2----------------- |
    --3--------3----------------------- |

    Back to Part-1

    Em7 Dsus2 G Cadd9
    Cos I... wonder sometimes about the outcome
    Em7 Dsus2 G A
    Of a still verdictless life

    D Asus4 G
    Am I living it right
    D Asus4 Em7
    Am I living it right
    D Asus4 G
    Am I living it right
    F C G D, G D
    Why, why Georgia, why

    F Bb C Bb
    So what so I’ve got a smile on
    F Bb C Bb G
    It’s hiding the quiet superstitions in my head
    G C D
    Don’t believe me
    G C D Cadd9
    Don’t you dare believe me
    Em Dsus2 Cm9 F G D, G D, G D, G D
    When I say I’ve got it down
  2. jekyll

    jekyll Banned

    What is this?
    your own song?
  3. aleric

    aleric New Member

    Good work acousticdreamer. Its a great song. Will try the chords.

    Jekyll the least you can do is appreciate the effort. Peace.
  4. jekyll

    jekyll Banned


    i was just asking her :think:

    had no intentions of "not appreciating" her efforts
  5. aleric

    aleric New Member

    Peace dude.

    BTW, its a song by John Mayer. Excellent work on the guitar....Check it out.

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