[SUB] Tere bin kahin lagta hi nahi dil :Bhagam Bhag

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    Movie - Bhagam bhag

    Origional scale : D

    Please note : *s indicates sa of lower octave , s indicates sa of middle octave
    while S indicates sa of higher octave.

    Please also note that r1,g1,d1,n1 indicates keys that is present on the left side of

    Tere bin .........disire Tere bin........fire Tere bin..........higher
    s*n_s*p_sssrs______s*n_s*p_sssrs___s*n_s*p_sssr rgrsrs
    G |--7-6-7---7-7-7-9-7-7-6-7---7-7-7-9-7-7-6-7---7-7-7-9-9-11-9-7-9-7-
    D |--------7------------------7------------------7------------------------

    Tere bin kahin lagta hi nahi dil
    G |--7-6-7-----7-6-7-------------------
    D |--------7-7--------7-7-7-9-7--------

    Kya karoon kya na karoon hai mushkil
    G |--7-6-7-----7-6-7--------------------
    D |--------7-7--------7-7-7-9-----------

    Aise haal mein chainn wainn aaye na......... Ab to akele jiya jaaye na
    G |--9-8-9-----9-8-9--------------6-7-9--------11-9-6-7-9-6-7------------
    D |--------9-9--------9-9-9-11-9--------11-12-----------------------------

    STANZA :-

    Na din dhale na katey shab meri Ab to ae aa e o Ae aa e o
    B |--10----12-10----12-10-----12-10----------------------------12-10--------
    G |-----12-------12--------12--------11------------11-9----------------------
    D |---------------------------------------12-12-12-------12-12---------------

    Hai har ghadi bas tamanna teri Ab to aage jaane kya ho Ae aa e o
    B |--10----12-10----12-10-----12-10--------------------------------12-10----
    G |-----12-------12--------12--------11-----------------11-9-----------------
    D |--------------------------------------12-12-12-12-12------12-12----------

    Betaab hai har aarzoo Aaye nazar bas tu hi tu
    E |-------------------9-----------------------------9-------------------------
    B |--12-10--------------10---------12-10-------------10----------------------
    G |---------11-11-12-------9-9-11--------11-11-12-------9-9-11-12-11-9-----
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    do u have d chords 4 dis song?
  3. Grahan

    Grahan New Member

    Hey vis orchestra group you post requested tabs of the song within 4-5
    days but not the Chords .Why ?

    Please reply ...............

    Thanks for such a nice tabs.
  4. sand storm

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    Hello VIS O.G. ,
    I agree that my chords are not just fine. Please post the chord
    of this song .

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