[SUB] PERFECTLY Correct Chords for "Sohni Kudi" by IMIK

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    hey guyzz....a new video recently released by IMIK...such a soft song....and the chords are as follows:

    (Em)Chaand saa chehra tera (C)Shurmli (D)Ankien teri..
    (Em)Ker gayee ghayul mujko (C)Teri A(D)daa

    (Em)Kese mien tujko boloon (C)Kese tu (D)Mujko sumjhe
    (Em)Aja tu pyaar kerle (C)Mujse Za(D)raa

    (G)Ai Sohni (D)Kuri sada (C)Dil lay Ga(D)yee
    (G)Ai Sohni (D)Kuri sada (C)Dil lay Ga(D)yee....!

    its accurate...goes along with the song...try playing it along...and yes, do comment!
  2. nice...sounds good on the guitar man...good work

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