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  1. priyadarshini

    priyadarshini New Member

    Mouna Raagam

    E- G# - A - G#
    E - G# - E – G#
    F – Fb - A# - F
    C – F – C# - F

    REPT de same

    D# - F#- G# - F#
    G#- C –C# F
    F - F# - F
    C# - F# -A#
    B - D# - E - D#
    C - D - E - D#
    F# - D# - G# - F#
  2. aizu

    aizu New Member

    which song? which movie? can you type the lyrics...thanx
  3. priyadarshini

    priyadarshini New Member

    its the theme music of de film "Mouna Raagam" directed by manirathanam, starred by Karthik, Mohan and revathi
  4. vinu

    vinu New Member

    I hope, this starts with D#. The notes go like this,

    D# G G# G | D G D# G..

    Thats a fantastic theme. It sounds good with piano and strings...

  5. aizu

    aizu New Member

    looks interesting. can anyone provide me the audio file of the original theme music.
  6. vinu

    vinu New Member

  7. aizu

    aizu New Member

    thanks so much...will check out!
  8. k_anil70

    k_anil70 New Member

    That was really great, keep it up dude..
  9. k_anil70

    k_anil70 New Member

    That was really good. Do you have some more keyboard notes.
  10. vinu

    vinu New Member

    Do you want notes for the same music or for a different song?

  11. k_anil70

    k_anil70 New Member

    Please send some more keyboard notes

    Hi Vinu, I need keyboard notes from different songs, If you have please post them or you can mail me to Thank You.
  12. shilpa317

    shilpa317 New Member u hav the chords of oho megam vandhadho???? pls its kinda urgent!!!!
  13. vinu

    vinu New Member

    I have taken this song long back. But I will upload the chords tomorrow..

  14. guitar rookie

    guitar rookie New Member

    hi this arun......pretty new to the world of guitar....can you tell me how to play this song on guitar pls
  15. racer555

    racer555 New Member

    Pls help

    I am also new to the world of guitar. I am not able to understand these tabs.Pls explain how to play these tabs.
  16. jyothiusha

    jyothiusha New Member

    Hi Vinu can you please upload the file again?
  17. thiru21287

    thiru21287 New Member

    hiiiii, can anyone give the mouna ragam theme in form of tabs???????
  18. premrajkumar

    premrajkumar New Member


    I am new to this forum. got into this thread after a long struggle..:)...Please mail me keyboard notes for tamil songs, if u can...Thanks
  19. linkyu

    linkyu New Member

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