SUB: Dua Solo by Yasir Jawed (Played by Faraz Anwer)

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    Hello my apathetic group of paki guitar tabs forum people who barely ever check out my tabs. Hopefully this one will get a few more views. Anyways, this is a reply to Nadish's request. Btw, it's a really really easy solo actually, took me only like thirty mins to tab. I can post a vid on my youtube if you want it.

    Oh, and I would've put it in guitar pro since it's wayyy easier but no one really checks those out so w/ever.

    Bar 1 (None of these are "bars" in the real sense. They're more like divisions of whatever Faraz is playin)
    e ---------------------------------
    B ---------------------------------
    G -9vvv-/11-/13\8-8v-8h9p8\6/8-8---
    D ---------------------------------
    A ---------------------------------
    E ---------------------------------
    Bar 2 Main Guitar (long ass bar!) (There's a harmony to this that i'm too lazy to tab, it's just 2 notes up in the scale)
    e --------------------12-11-12--------------------------------------------------------------
    B -----------------------------14-----------------------------------------------------------
    G -8-9-11-9vvvv/11-11-------------13-14p13p11-11h13p11\9\8-9p8h9/11-11/13v-13p11\9\8v/13-13-
    D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Bar 3
    e ---------------------------------
    B ---------------------------------
    G -13b14r13-11-11v-13p11\10v-------
    D ---------------------------------
    A ---------------------------------
    E ---------------------------------
    Bar 4
    e ---------------------------------
    B ----------10---------------------
    G -\10-11-13----13b14-13prebend14v-
    D ---------------------------------
    A ---------------------------------
    E ---------------------------------
    Bar 5
    e ------------------------------------------
    B -------14---------------------------------
    G -13b14----13b14r13vv-11h13p11\10\8-8/13vv-
    D ------------------------------------------
    A ------------------------------------------
    E ------------------------------------------
    Bar 6
    e ---------------------------------------------
    B ---------------------------------------------
    G ---------------------------------------------
    D ----13b15vvv-13b15-13b15r13-11---------------
    A -11----------------------------11-12-/13-13v-
    E ---------------------------------------------
    Bar 7
    e ----------------------------------------------------
    B -------------10-------------------------------------
    G -------10-11----13-11-10----------------------------
    D -11h13-------------------13-11-------11-------------
    A -------------------------------12-11----14-12\11-11-
    E ----------------------------------------------------
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    Would anyone like a video of the solo?
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    Really???? :-o Was just searching these tabs online and got this thread :D Thankyou very much Limaj bro, no words to express my feelings :)

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