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    i heard a solo few days back and liked it very much......
    the song is titled "ghor bahir" and performed by Limon....even though never heard of him before....he also has released a vdo of the song.....

    i have tried the chords of this song and posting it here.......your comments/suggestion is appreciated.....

    Song: Ghor Bahir
    Artist: Limon

    D A D
    Ami ghorer hoini akash amay taney
    D A D
    Ami tomar hoini shudhu akashta janey
    D A D
    Ami poth theke pothey jai dur thekey durey
    D A D
    Ami tomar jonno gai ekta gaan shurey
    D Bm G A
    Ami tomae fele bolo jabo kon khaney (2)
    D A D
    Tai tomar hoini akashta janey

    D A Bm
    [Akash jetha meshey amar pasher ganye
    G A D
    Shetha batash bolechhe amar kane kane] x2
    D Bm G A
    Ami khujini kokhono akasher mane (2)
    D A D
    Tai tomar hoini akashta jane

    the song is uploaded in the following link:

    waiting for some reply
  2. shawkat

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    13 views and no reply?
    comeon r better than this.......i liked a song and wanted to share it with my friends in IGT......chord-er kotha bhulei jao, ontoto gaan ta kemon laglo sheta to bolte paro!!!! naki keo gaan tao download koro ki??!!!!
    wake up guyz....

    keep rocking....
  3. g0g0l

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    thnx 4 the song and the chord dude!!
    kintu, oi bhabe title e link likhish na. obangalee mod dekhle [SNIP] kore debe... :p:
  4. shawkat

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    u r welcome dude!!!
    and thanx for the tips...

  5. rockbabun

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    Nice chords and nice songs.....thanks!

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