SUB: Aaroh - Sawaal Solo GP and MID

Discussion in 'Pakistani Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by limaj_daas, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. limaj_daas

    limaj_daas Guitar Pro Maniac

    K, the version i hav of this is rlly rlly gay n' shitty so no rhythms. not so sure bout the timing either, lol.

    Comments n' feedback appreciated.

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  2. javalogix

    javalogix New Member

    Thumbs Up................
  3. limaj_daas

    limaj_daas Guitar Pro Maniac

    Thnx man, appreciate it.
  4. maaani

    maaani New Member

    great .. limaj this iz high standard solo..... can u give me any trick to play very fast solos????
  5. framed

    framed New Member

    close your eyes, spin around, and place yourself on a formula one track
    try again, if it does not work out

    you ll get the hang of it sooner than later

  6. limaj_daas

    limaj_daas Guitar Pro Maniac

    Listen to framed's advice, it's pretty good (if u get the metaphor lol)

    Just NEVER EVER be afraid of playin summin, no matter how impossible it looks, try improving ur hammerons and pulloffs (legato) and try pickin very fast.

    Plus, u hav guitar pro, just slow down stuff and then perfect it, speed it up, perfect it and just keep goin. You'll get the hang of it.

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