Stumped by the Scale of CHURA LIYA

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  1. Jay Gandhi

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    Hey folks;

    Most of the Guitar enthusiasts in India will always try to get their hands on CHURA LIYA.

    We know that the main chords are A minor, G major, E major

    Now while tabbing we figure out that best place to start is A note. and subsequently we get B, C, D, E,G as main notes

    Then on further tabbing we get C# note, then G#. This is the place where Guitar Math is boggling me.

    Major scale basically has 7 notes as 8th one repeats itself.

    Our song has 8 notes (A B C D E G C# and G#)

    So I am racking my brains as to what is the scale of the song!

    if we allow a little leeway we can say except for C note all falls into place for A major scale

    But from where did this 8th note arrive!!!!

    Does the scale change in Antra?
  2. raga2303

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    This is harmonic minor scale (raised 7th note by half tone - therefore E instead of Em).. It will also change scale of A major in " hai dil le ke mujh ko na behlana" then switching back to Am in next line..
  3. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    The scale is A minor.
    In the run of A natural minor you will not come across E Major chord. (because you have G note in the A minor, not G# - therefore the chord should be E Minor).

    HOWEVER, this doesn't happen in real life; to the western classical maestros E major "sounded" much better compared to E minor while playing in the key of A minor when resolving to the root. They named the new scale born out of such means as Harmonic minor.

    So what we have here is A harmonic minor scale. Where one encounter E major chord.

    And this is the reason why A minor is not exactly equivalent to the C major - though both contain the same notes. The reason being C major chord progression sounds great using E minor chord, whereas A minor chord progression sounds great with E major chord (though honestly, I think E minor also sounds good - people making these rules were just plain stuck up)

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