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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by theedge, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. theedge

    theedge New Member

    Hi and sorry i had to sell my washburn earlier advertised here out of the forum. I do have some parts to sell i.e, a Digitech Screamin' Blues Distortion Pedal, Licensed Floyd Rose Bridge, Ibanez hardcase and a Bill Lawrence L500xl bridge pickup.

    Please call me at 7899364368 if you need anything. The bridge is a couple of months old as well as the pedal and everything is in good condition and going cheap.

    I can even accept trades for the floyd bridge for a good vintage or a 2 point fulcrum bridge.

    Thanks and let me know.
  2. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    how much for Bill Lawrence L500xl bridge pickup?
  3. livfstdieyoung

    livfstdieyoung New Member

    Just curious ...which guitar did the licensed floyd rose come from ?and can you post pics and condn of the ibanez hard case and the bill lawrence pup?Am interested so put up expected individual prices for those two .I guess the pickup was taken out of a washburn nuno guitar?
  4. theedge

    theedge New Member

    Here are the prices on them -

    Bill Lawrence - 1.5k
    Ibanez Hardcase - 2800
    Java Floyd Rose - 2.5k
    Screamin Blues - 3.5k

  5. rickkkyrich

    rickkkyrich Guest

    where do you put up?
  6. devil260

    devil260 New Member

    i would lyk to sell off my YEMAHA RAPTOR (1 yr old...great condition)...
  7. theedge

    theedge New Member

    Everything but for the Digitech pedal is still on sale, I'm put up in Bangalore, if you can't get me on that number just email me or send me a pm.

    Cutting down on the prices so here it is

    Ibanez hard case - 2500
    Licensed floyd rose - 1000
    Bill Lawrence xl500 - 800 - (Needs a little work by a tech, not a big problem)

  8. n2vat

    n2vat Member

    which model is the ibanez hardcase? can you post a pic, i have an S series ibanez...
  9. theedge

    theedge New Member

    The case looks exactly like this file picture except that it has chrome hardware and has Washburn N2 Nuno Bettencourt signature model written by me over the Ibanez logo, it will fit the S series guitar, thanks!

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  10. n2vat

    n2vat Member

    thanks, but i don't own a n2 anymore and need "ibanez" original unmodified case for my new S series...!

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