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    I recently started learning Guitar. I am able to play a few chords, as also move between nut chords. I understand and can play a few strumming patterns too. But how do I identify or where can I find the strumming pattern for a particular song.

    Please advise.


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    u identify the pattern by listening. strumming up(starting from the high e string) usually give a trebly feel to the chord - u can hear the higher notes being played first. about getting the timing right - start with simple songs, get used to the rhythm then the tougher ones will come will come more naturally to you.
    u can get the patterns from guitar pro tabs
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    To identify rhythm patterns you'll have to listen to the songs over and over.As you get better,you'll listen to the song once or twice and get the pattern.
    Start with simple songs like Papa Kehte Hai which has a simple strumming pattern.Hear the song and try to play it alongwith the song.It will give you a feel of what exactly a rhythm pattern is...
    Once thats cleared,you'll get better at figuring out the pattern.
    To get a strumming pattern for difficult songs,you can always ask at IGT.Someone is bound to help you out.

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