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  1. anuvrat

    anuvrat New Member

    hey guys is DDUUD strumming pattern correct fer da song shaam savere teri yaadein aati hai by lucky ali....
  2. mayankrakesh

    mayankrakesh New Member

    I guess...

    I think you can play any strumming pattern as long as it SOUNDS right... although I dont think that you can play the same strumming pattern throughout the whole song... shaam savere... (assuming Luck Ali's O sanam)

    Most of the hindi songs dont mind the strumming pattern as long as the VOCALS are good and strong.

    I play the D UDUD UDUDUD for the humming and DDUUD for the vocals

    hope this helps!

  3. anuvrat

    anuvrat New Member

    ya thanx man it helped alot....

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