Strumming patterns

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  1. dhaya87

    dhaya87 New Member

    Hello friends,

    I am beginner, can any one help me with strumming patterns,
    i can see chords for various songs, but i dono hw s strumming .i can play open lead (string pattern notes)

  2. dhaya87

    dhaya87 New Member

    any one could help me in this ??

    Thanks in advance
  3. yourdreamhunter

    yourdreamhunter New Member

    yes as said, could see cords for various songs but couldnt find the strumming pattern, it would be gr8 if some1 guide on the strumming pattern,
  4. msabiri

    msabiri New Member

    actually it depends on your style but the most common strumming pattern is down "v" down up up" ^" down.....( v v ^ ^ V)
    some styles:
    1. ^ ^ v v v ^ v
    2. v v ^ ^ ^ v
    3. v v v v ^ v
  5. dhaya87

    dhaya87 New Member

    how to find it for any song..
    can any one post the strumming patterns for few songs
  6. tilakmichael

    tilakmichael New Member

    these may help you for starting
    (I am not allowed to post url)
    you can search in you tube ""
  7. tilakmichael

    tilakmichael New Member

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