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  1. kurt sharma

    kurt sharma New Member

    hi guys!!! i m new to dis site n i m a new guitarist..........
    can any1 tell me da strumming pattern for nothing else matters and boulevard of broken dreams in UD pattern .......
    the rhythem of both songs seems similer
  2. cool_is_rule

    cool_is_rule Lead Guitarist

    nothing else matters is finger picked in almost all of the song , only one part has strumming ..
  3. kurt sharma

    kurt sharma New Member

    sorry buddy ma mistake........
    i was talking about covers in which they use chords like Em,D,G,A#etc......
  4. GymmelryNet

    GymmelryNet New Member

    Thank you Shannong,
    Manual advance is really cool.
    I guess what i might be looking is just a simple rythmic strumming a loop like pattern. Is there any combi by someone which could serve as a example?

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