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  1. suresh_7

    suresh_7 New Member

    hi, i searched the net for hai apna dil to awara chords and it says its g,c,d..but i can't figure out the strumming pattern...could anyone out there help me out?...
  2. racx

    racx New Member

    u can try DUUDD
  3. suresh_7

    suresh_7 New Member

    thx bro...
  4. suresh_7

    suresh_7 New Member

    thanx bro,i've tried it but i cannot play it well enuf nw..thx anyway..
  5. aki_18

    aki_18 New Member

    plz tell me the strummin pattern for tum mile..
  6. raga2303

    raga2303 Member

    Suresh - this is a simple song on which any strumming will problem may not be related to it.. Sometimes new comers find it difficult to hum along epseically when you have many chord changes or new strumming pattern.. sometimes if you are not changing the chords at right place, then also it sounds little awkward... I suggest you to listen the song again and try to find exact chord changes. Then start playing with any simple strumming pattern without humming.. once you are comfortable then try to sing along..hopefully it will work for you..
  7. suresh_7

    suresh_7 New Member

    thank you...i'll try..
  8. chatty_arko

    chatty_arko New Member

    Its D D U D
  9. sreenuisbusy

    sreenuisbusy New Member

    ya itz D-D-U-D
  10. Pranay d ROCKER

    Pranay d ROCKER New Member

    The most suitable strumming for this song is ..alternate U-D..with muting on D Stroke..just u hav to do is adjust to the tempo u prefer

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