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  1. maximaz

    maximaz New Member

    Can anyone help me with Strumming.
    I need to know how to strum the song Dum Maro Dum.
    I normally do it DDUUDU but id doesnt sound like the original.
    I need to know the right strumming pattern with when do i need to pauseor use breaks.
  2. prasun_bat

    prasun_bat New Member

    dum maro dum strumming

    this is bit difficult if u r a new learner
    hold 3rd shape Dm(557765)
    this can be played on 3 strings d g b
    just hammer the b string with the middle finger



  3. maximaz

    maximaz New Member

    thanks for the quick reply.......i really dnt understand what u meant by that.
    can u please tell me the strumming part
  4. nirvana\m/

    nirvana\m/ New Member


    @ prasun_brat ...sounds perfect ...

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