strumming pattern for hotel california

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  1. rac_gulati

    rac_gulati New Member

    hi guys =,
    i hae just started learning the guitars and i have reacehed to the bar chords level. can anyone please explain me the strumming pattern for hotel california in simple down up motion.
  2. Guitarist_DA

    Guitarist_DA New Member

    Very easy

    This is how its done.


    The first DD is played slower.
    The UUDD part is faster.
    Do it for every chord.

    PS: I'm new so I need suggestions.

    D stands for Down
    U stands for Up
  3. Eddy Desirous

    Eddy Desirous New Member

    dd(dudu)dd try dis dude.
  4. 123_guitar

    123_guitar New Member

    D DuuD uD i use this

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