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  1. haris

    haris New Member

    i'm just a begginer and can play abt 30 songs. the problem im facing is my strumming. when ever i pick a song to play i use my 3 or 4 strumming pattern, which although work fine, but make my playing monotnous. can ne body tell me how improve my strumming and how to improvise when playin the chords.
  2. Famio

    Famio New Member

    well, the first thing u shud do is that u shud think that what kind of sound do u want or what is the melody ur looking for ? then jus start with a normal pattern like e.g DD UDUDU, (D=downstrokes, U=upstrokes) u cud even write it down and then u cud make the necessary changes by adding or removing a D or U, or playin some strokes faster and some slow, u can experiment. . .. and maybe u cud write ur 3 or 4 strumming patterns down then taking care so that ur new patterns dont become kinda same. get it ? hope this helped
  3. guitarguru

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    Even I had the similar problems when I began. Better Strumming is all about developing a good sense of rhythm.

    Do this. Whenever you are not sure about strumming pattern, listen to the percussion in the song carefully and try to reproduce the basic Taal by tapping on the table. Make sure you are comfortable with playing the "Table Tabla" all through the song without stopping and then try to reproduce that pattern in your strumming. I think the Up Down portion should come automatically if its not very complex.

    Keep your wrist loose and dont hit strings too hard if you are using a pick.

    it helped me well.. give it a shot.
  4. BaAaLi

    BaAaLi New Member

    well buddy! i have no strumming problem! no chord shifting problem! can play any chord! but ... really can't play 30 songs man! can u gimme a list of the songs u can play ? and if u can play 30 songs.. ur strumming must be good! i'll wait for the list.. so i can add more songs to my guitar!
  5. skalahas

    skalahas New Member

    one variation that you can bring to your strumming is through "chuck"ing...basically, you mute the strings and strum to produce this sound on one of the up or down strokes...
  6. Saul Hudson

    Saul Hudson New Member

    yeah pakistani rock music is really cool ... i say both Pakistani and Indian bands should tour each other's country. i'd love to see Parikrama perform in Pakistan and i am sure indian would love to listen to jal,call,junoon etc
  7. ronnieanand

    ronnieanand n00bier th@n th0u

    Take a few basic chords, chose a simple time signature like 4/4. Then prepare of chart of the vaiorus strum patterns you could think about. Then try ties, syncopations to add more fizz. And finally play all those from the chart you prepared. This will keep you busy for a long time.
    @Haris, Improvise means playing on the spot, like an Impromptu. Improve is the right word to be used.
  8. kl12

    kl12 (Ghost Note)

    patterns can't help i think...u can stuck on one pattern..just keep playin the guitar and u'll be coming over this problem in a month or two..

    BIG_EVIL Guitaring Machine

    make ur own strokes dude

    for example= DUDDUDDUDD

    give it a try
    make ur own strumming
  10. haris

    haris New Member

    hey ppl i really appreciate your advices,
    @guitar guru.........reallyy love the idea
    @baAali............dude my list include most of the songs by jal, atif, noori, avril, and sum various english songs. really the songs that i play hav almost similar strumming patterns
    @theguitaristofm.............a gud site
    @saul hudson...........what was this about???
    @ronnieanand..........dude if im not mistaken i first used the word improve for my strumming and used improvising for playing chords. what i meant by improvising was, how to stretch the strumming pattern without slowing up the song, or playing the same chord twice with the same pattern. for example in avril's unplugged Nobody's Home, the guitarist just goes on playing the chord without sounding wierd. Hope the meaning of my msg gets to u this time.
    @EVEYRBODY...........thanx once again
  11. BaAaLi

    BaAaLi New Member

    well.. u juzt thanked everybody here :) it means nobody needs any more posts here :) but i wanna complete Kl12's sentence :) strumming patterns doesn't help wht helps is the rythm u play the pattern in! if u really need help in ur strumming i can give u a pattern and will record it that how i play it!
  12. BaAaLi

    BaAaLi New Member

    well buddy! I can strumm very well almost pro! can figure out chords for songs! but actually :-S didn't covered much songs :-S
  13. haris

    haris New Member

    pplll, if there r ne more ideas then keep them cumin (although i can't think what more there cud be)

    neways, baAali, thanx for the offer, but the site guitaristofm suggested has so many patterns that it will keep me interested for a year or two.
    btw since when r u playing?i guess u learned the guitar from a tutor who kept u busy doing the basics, that u didn't hav the time to do some songs. i started like a year ago and im doin it on my own(n the net ofcourse). i haven't really done the basics and theory strongly, just doin the songs i like. do u think theory is important and the scales and other basics?

    dude can u do me a favor..................if u can play manwa re by noori and duur by strings, cud u sumhow post the recorded version. i hav posted a thread but haven't got a reply yet.

    thanx, yet again.

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