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    For all those folks who share the same issue of strumming while learning guitar(I am still learning), I have no problems whatsoever playing open and barre chords. I found the following link in you tube really helpful. nice hindi songs with basic strums. if the chords are too hard, use easier chords but maintain the strum pattern. see if it helps.........clarencepeterson - YouTube.

    For the rest of the folks who are not sure how to download off you tube, heres one for you.......DVDVideoSoft: Free Studio, YouTube to MP3, YouTube Downloader, YouTube Converter. Download FREE STUDIO which has heaps of applications. Its so that you are not learning off the internet all the time.

    Trying the muting effect with your forearm but you will only be able to do it on a downward strum which means you may not be strumming directly over the sound hole but closer to the fret board.

    I hope I am in the right forum if not, let me know politely as there are a couple of rude ones throwing there weight around since they have been with IGT for a while now especially towards the newbies.

    I am new to IGT and I absolutely love it.

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