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  1. abhijeetraje

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    can we try to build somethinglike this, will help all of us. The Great Strumming Pattern Video List

    what do you think??, pls share your thoughts.

    P.S. copy/pasted the content.

    D d D d D d D DU
    1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +

    Eleanor Rigby Beatles
    Hey Jude Beatles
    Walk Away Clarkson, Kelly 32
  2. abhijeetraje

    abhijeetraje New Member

    needless to mention for Hindi songs :)
  3. komal29

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    awesome idea..if you look into all my requests i am always asking for strumming patterns..its just that for knowing different strumming patterns that i put up that request n not because i cant up one on my own..people's approach are different..when u try them u would know where u stand n also can improve yourself
  4. abhijeetraje

    abhijeetraje New Member

    Very true, i have started writing the strumming patterns. Will keep updating this post.

    Please do add strumming patterns, this really helps beginner. i know all the gyan people keep sharing that one should automatically/gradually/with experience learns strumming. I too agree, but adding strumming pattern with chords will not harm anyone. Any ways you people put so much effort to write the lyrics/chords progression adding few DUDUD is definitely not a big ask :). Please consider this as a polite request.

    Strumming patterns for the few songs I know, suggestions are always welcome.

    Sanorita : DUDUU
    Allha ke bande : DUDUD
    Tere bina jiya jaaye na : Movie Ghar D--D---DU
    Kise ki muskarahto pe : D(bass strings, 5,6) U D(without bass strings) U
    Tum se hi - Jab we Met : DDmUUDm
    kya heyi pyar hai Movie Rocky : DUU

    - means rest, don't play
    Dm down strum with muting effect

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  5. komal29

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    Hi..can u just clear this confusion

    What is the difference when you put a single hyphen n a double hyphen
    for eg..
    Tere bina jiya jaaye na : Movie Ghar D--D---DU

    Kise ki muskarahto pe : D- UD_ U

    the first one has 2 hyphens and then 3 hyphens...but the second one has one hyphen per ur description D- strum just bass strings
    but u got 2 hyphens in one and 1 hyphen in another..kindly throw light on this
  6. adiwithguitar

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    Hey everyone !!

    I feel awesome joining this community ... I am a beginner though :p
  7. abhijeetraje

    abhijeetraje New Member

    please refer to orignal post, i have updated to address your question. Thanks for pointing out.
  8. komal29

    komal29 New Member

    Sorry..i think you havent adressed my question at question is something else..please read was about the number of hyphens varying!

    p.s: while you reply there are two options 'reply' and 'reply with quote'.whenever u r answering a particular person if u 'reply them with quote' its more clear..just letting you know as i can see you are very new
  9. abhijeetraje

    abhijeetraje New Member

    hyphen is nothing but rest, so -- means rest for two beats. :)
  10. komal29

    komal29 New Member

    am glad..thanks :)

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