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    Hello fellow guitarists;

    I have been playing guitar since last 2 months;
    I can play following chords very well;

    C, F,G,E,D,A, Am, D7,Dm, Em;

    With help of these chords I play following songs;

    1: Humko sirf tumse pyar hai
    2: Papa kehte hai
    3: Yeh shaam mastani
    4: Yeh dosti
    5: Baatein kuch ankahi se

    I also can play the tabs of following songs

    1: Happy birthday
    2: Jingle bell
    3: Jiya dhadak dhadak jaye
    4: tuje dekha to yeh jaana sanam
    5: papa kehte hai
    6: AAnewala pal.

    What I am trying to say is I have finished the phase of guitar in which I have started liking the guitar. Now I want to learn theory, I want to learn more chords. I have discovered interest in guitar. Now can anyone guide me through the theory lessons. What needs to be learnt.

    MY majo problem is picking up the rhythm. I am decent at changing chords. But i know only 2-3 rhythms. the one of papa kehte hai is the one which I just cant get rid ..I mean any song I TRY to play I invariably end up playing same rhythm. I need guidance...

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    hey mate its good u have played my fav songs :p

    well about theory and practicing u have to sure on thing ur self that what u wanna learn .. a rythm guitarist of leading

    its two different way ..

    its take too much time to carry both

    i have submitted here on IGT two chord books

    advanced and common guitar chords

    and i m attaching common guitar chords

    for finger picking practice you should understand the fret board first ..


    whats the note definations

    C C# D D# E F F# G G # A A# B C C# D D#..... and so on

    look after B note its repeating C note then ..

    try to put notes ur self on fret board


    write it ure self and remember to what actually notes on fret

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  3. milesfastguy

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    well mate i always consider tabs as much easier than rhythm. i consider rhythm as the soul of the guitar. u said u know to play some few chords but i would really prefer some systematic approach. for this first master the 24 basic chords in open positions eg. A,Am,A#,A#m,B,Bm...... this will be ur 1st step. then u should learn the barre shapes as these are of great utility.
    while u note these things its extremely imp. to LEARN THE NOTE NAMES ON 5TH AND 6TH STRINGS. this is most imp. the note names on the other 4 strings can easily be found from these 2 by some formulas.
    and then comes the hard task of going deep into chord theory. u must know 7th, 9th, suspended, slash, add, dim,dom chords as well as inversions etc. also be extremely careful when learning chords that r style dependent like power chords which r meant only for electric guitars and not acoustic.
    since the above is very exhaustive i m going to recommend a purchase-
    1.The essential guitar guide by Dale Churchett
    and if u wanna go much much deeper into music theory-
    2.The modern method of guitar by William G.Leavitt

    thats it..........milesfastguy hopes for
    an answer.

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