Strings Suxed!

Discussion in 'IGT Soundtrack - Your Band, Your Gig, Your Music' started by netrumpus, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. netrumpus

    netrumpus New Member

    The Strings concert on 23rd Jan 05 Sunday Elysium lawns at Koregaon Park Pune (India )was pathetic to say the least !

    The sound was all wrong .. they did no sound check .. they started playin Om Shanti Om .. Dil chahta hain f@#$@@
    Sound was more techno !
    Prithvi opened .. now i think they were lot better !
  2. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    like i always maintained.. they suck big time.. cant play cant sing.. just rich kids who had contacts
  3. 6String_assasin

    6String_assasin The Painkiller

    expected :yawn:
  4. shak

    shak Harrr!

    yup...strings we have the proof...can someone plz get rid of em!?
  5. d_ist_urb_ed

    d_ist_urb_ed Genuflect b*tches!

    Thread moved to Indian Rock forum.
  6. Asmodeus

    Asmodeus New Member

    Yeah.... they've umm.. sold out??? Initially strnigs was pretty ohk to listen to.. but like, now the vocals guy is so dead in concerts man... the giutar's are decent tho...
    Id prefer FuZon... Shahlum rocks!
  7. apratim.mitra

    apratim.mitra You can call me apro

    Strings at IIT Kharagpur - Spring Fest 2005 was great though ... the vocals were very ordinary ... however the crowd response was mind blowing ... at one point the entire crowd in darkness was lit up with mobile phones ... the sheer sight was breath-taking ... u had to see it to believe it ...
  8. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    very much surprised on the show review !!! thought they were good , well i havent attended any of their live shows yet !!
  9. arsilhaq

    arsilhaq New Member

    in pak i cant say each n every band can play live...but few guys frm pak can play so well in live as compared to india...oh well in india i dun fink there is even a single person who can say like hes kinda rockstar...playing with six string gun isnt a piece of cake ...shallum xavier,asad from karvan,amir zaki,nabeel nihaal the guy who composed ost of RAKHT,mekal hasan n oh yea most of all salman ahmed of junnon once saw a vdo of euphoria n junoon's concert n dat freakin guitarist of euphoria was keep playin those ****in bar chords...inshort paki pop musica rulezz y dun ya guy shut da hell up n keeo playin those stupid songs like yunhi chala ****in rahi..n tujhe dekha to yeh jana sanam is that u call rock ??? hahahahahaha
  10. jayswami

    jayswami Blue J

    ^^^ whats your problem? I know whats your problem. u r confusing music with nationalism.
    I toitally agree strings suck big time. Yunhi chala is an awesome song. Sayonee is an awesome song. Strings suck big time.
  11. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :"(

    dat ******* has a big prblm..

    da songs by strings r catchy.. especially thr 1st album.. da songs were gud.
    but gradualy i find dat thr music is kinda monotonous..
    same thing jus wid a lil bit of change here n thr.. and ya.. da singr isnt awesome..
    but FUZON rocks :rock: .. nyways Fuzon's not da topic here i guess..

    @arshilaq.. if u find yun hi chala n songs likewise 2 be stupid.. rathr stay put in ur ****hole. dats da best place 4 u.
  12. dennis

    dennis The Bhangra King

    dont bands llike zero and bhayanak maut come under the indian band tag...dude u should check out their guitaring..hehe.
    Warren of zero is awesome....prolly the best in india right now.
  13. rust_in_pain

    rust_in_pain <:Rising Rockstar:>

    but i heard tht warren has left zero,is tht true?
  14. dennis

    dennis The Bhangra King

    aint he back..i heard he had gone to newzealand or something..anyways..he is a gr8 guitarist.
    check out is a frequent member of that forum.
  15. rust_in_pain

    rust_in_pain <:Rising Rockstar:>

    cool site!! thnx dennis
  16. Quadrophenia

    Quadrophenia New Member

    i dont htink strings has ever performed live..however they did in dubai..7th april at dubai country club. the concert was amazing..they had a proper arrangement for lead,rhythms,drums,bass..
    also fuzon,junoon performed.. fuzon's cover for ''lal meri...''' version was amazzzzing!

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