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    Tabbed By Muneeb Aka Rage

    Band: Strings
    Album: Dhanni
    song: Sohniye

    This is my Very first tab :p So be gentle..although i have tabbed all of it quite
    precisely except for the musical guitar parts in between the song mainly in
    the verses

    Anyway enjoy :p

    Oh and yea ive tabbed the song but u have to fig out the timings ur self ;)


    /s or s = Slide
    ~ = Let ring
    x = Mute Note/string
    h = Hammer

    Intro Distorted..

    Distorted (played over Verse)

    -5---7------------ X2

    This is played After playing the upper chords 2 times

    -5---7----9---7---5~- Let ring (~) only on the second verse.
    -------------- 5------

    Chorus -Distorted


    Pre Bridge solo



    -------7~-------- -5~-------- 5~--
    -3~-------- 5~-------- 3~--------

    Ends With chorus...

    So the song goes like this

    Music break
    Pre bridge solo
    Chorus till the end

    Thats about all of it...
    iam still working on the solo which is played in the very last chorus of the song
    But still the main song is tabbed if u want to give sum contributions
    or Corrections be my guest :)

    Rock On !!!!

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