Strings : Kahani Mohabbat Ki

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    Intro : G C G C C G
    Useh dhundu Kaha Useh payun Kaha Dhuundu Kaha

    Song : G D
    Kahani mohabbat ki Hai muqtazar
    G D
    Gaya dil seh fir woh naa Aaaya idhar
    G C A C D
    Kabhi koi Tha mere Raho kaa Ek Humsafar
    ( par gaya dil kaa woh suuna nagar)
    koi Rastaa naa koi dagar
    C G
    useh Dhundu kaha useh Payun kahaa
    A D
    ajj Meh huu yaha Woh kaha ....aa aa

    Para : G D G D
    Nile ***** ***** ****

    ****something something i dun exactly remember**
    Am D Am D
    Panchi apne Ghar ko Wapas jaa Rahe hain
    C G
    useh Dhundu kaha Useh paayun kaha
    A D
    ajj Meh huu yaha Woh kaha....

    and the song goes on.... SINCE THE SUBMISSION CAUSES A DISTORTION IN THE CHORD PATTERN ..WORDS WHERE CHORDS ARE TO BE CHANGED START WITH CAPITAL LETTERS. AND FOLLOW THE SAME CHORD SEQUENCE WITHIN THE LINE. I tried to figure out the chords for this awesome song.guyz check them out and tell me if theyr ok...and the strumming is a fast --> 2down 2up 1down

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    Can any one post TABS for this song??????

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