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    aah im getting buzz on low E string..:/ on al da frets.. :/ why?? how to fix it??
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    I guess the E string is touching the frets somewhere... It happens if your guitar's Truss Rod is bent... It might also happen if you have incorrectly installed the strings, but the chances are rare... Take it to a guitar service center, or to the shop you bought the guitar from. They will adjust the truss rod for you...(dun try to do it at home, as it might severely damage your guitar)...
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    No shit Sherlock.

    Really? Care to back that statement up with some good references?

    I can maybe give you the benefit of the doubt here, so I will.

    The truss rod cannot bend. Not under normal circumstances. Please read (even if only wikipedia) about how a truss rod functions.

    A string can be buzzing at
    1. The nut
    2. The individual frets
    3. The bridge
    4. A portion of the neck due to its relief

    If a single (and E at that) string is buzzing at all the frets, then the action is just too low. That's all there is to it in the majority of cases. Raise the action at the bridge and you should be good to go. If it's a tun-o-matic raise the bridge at the low-E/high-E end (depending on which string). If it's one with individually adjustable screws then raise just the string you want.

    For it to buzz at all the frets due to neck relief, the neck would have to be completely flat. But even so simply raising the action will do the trick.

    Strings buzzing due to neck relief will be at the extremes of the fretboard if the neck is overly bowed, and at the middle of the fretboard if overly arched. Not at all points.
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    ^Wow, really useful breakdown. Thanks.
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    I told him/her what I found to happen with my guitar... If you have other suggestions, why don't you just giv him the solution? I am not a physics teacher but I can surely tell, if the fretboard bents, the string would touch somewhere, or there will be a intonation problem... Ur opinion might be different... but that's how i look at the matter...

    Finally, the suggestion I gave him should be what he wants to do...i.e. take ur guitar to the shop u bought the guitar from...
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    check this out before we go into another battle ;)
    ndo read the whole story b4 u prepare ur atom bombs...
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    ^From that link
    Does too little relief damage necks? I was about to get the truss rod on mine adjusted so that the neck's absolutely flat...
    Hmm...sounds dicey.

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