strange questions.

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  1. kaiser

    kaiser Bored

    these quuestions pop up in my head n bother me....

    anybody got any answers?

    vibgyor is the range of colours we can see. do we have colours beyond the range, which we cannot see? can we have some new colours? can we modify the functions of the human eye so that it perceives the wavelenghts which our present eye cant perceive? do animals also see the same colours as we do? if bats and dolphins can hear thigns that humans dont, can they see colours that we dont?

    similarly, can we scientifically modify our ears to hear what dogs, dolphins n bats hear?? imagine we can hear more bassy bass....wont that be cool?

    sound is energy. can we use sounds of high frequency to create heat, or light? if sounds are used as fuel, wont that be just the ultimatest thing on earth?

    can we equate wavelengths of sound, smell, n light? can we smell monalisa, see hotel california or listen to a big mac? what would stairway to heaven look like if it were a painting? or how would it smell if were an edible?

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  2. mr singh

    mr singh New Member

    that wud solve a lot of problems... i dunno if its possible :(
    most of the rest of the questions were kinda pointless (sorry, i had 2 say it)
    cudnt u get sum sound 2 generate heat and then make steam and turn turbines or sumtin, or wud it just not b economically viable???
  3. taxyse

    taxyse t3h.

    dude what are u upto nowadays...hahahaha....are u doing law or an M.Sc???
    neway...i dont think the questions were pointless at all...but yeh ..very strange indeed...
    colours are just lights of different frequencies (or wavelength u might wanna say) the whole of the visible spectra is divided into the seven basic colours we can distinguish...the rest as we cannot detect have no existene for us...they cannot be defined might wanna say that IR and UV cameras give us those pictures...but comeon...if u are seeing them..they must have been converted to the vibgyor stuff fer u to be able to see!!!!
    so i should basically say- there are no other fer teh animals ..most of them are colour blind...can't even see the bloody vibgyor properly

    the ear thing i should leave fer now..i think that really might be possible in the future....

    and yeh sound is energy...but dude...u need energy to produce u are just left in a vicious circle...

    i dont think smell can be considered a 'wave' no point talkin bout 'hearing' your smell....
    .i thnk sound and light can be equated...but the best u can arrive at is a weirdo pattern ;you wont be able to connect it to the sound or the picture concerned in any way.....and if i am not will most probably arrive at somethin that looks like ur graphic band equalizer's dancing lights (ha ha) or even a blank picture (or a blank audio clip if its the other case )
  4. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    oK kaiser..i've opened the thread.i wonder whatever made u think u can get the answers to ur bizarre questions here, what if u dont? what if people start spamming here?

    yeah..u know "what"..!!

    this thread would meet its destiny, yet again

  5. kaiser

    kaiser Bored

    @viniiiiiiii.....!! thanks!


  6. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    Modification genetically shall be impossible over the short span of time that the human specie is going to last. It's a cool thought. Scientific modification cannot be thrown out of the window but you're making me think of the guy in the movie "Animal" who saw a goat in heat.... :)

    Yes it will be....but also to be taken into consideration is the "fuel" required (In this case a large amount of sound) to produce the large volumes of energy we consume. Also consider that we have to make an engine to convert sound energy into work. I personally think this is improbable.

    I've heard this before. I can't recall where exactly but I've heard this. A very cool question.

    Think about another question raised in the Back to the Future series.

    Theoretically, time travel is possible. What then would happen if I went back into the past and stopped my grandfather from meeting my grandmother and essentially erasing my existence on the planet. It would mean that I never did exist to stop my grandparents from meeting yet I did stop them from meeting if I existed.

    I'm talking through my hat in the answers part....just an effort that the thread not be closed. I'm sure we can come across some really cool unanswerable questions here.
  7. CrYpTiC_angel

    CrYpTiC_angel Rebelle!

    oooh, a paradox!

    Well, there is the Parallel Universes hypothesis, according to which there are infinite parallel universes somewhat like ours, but, for example, in some parallel universe, I might be watching TV instead of typing this, and in another, I may not even exist.

    So, when you go back in time, you might actually land up in some parallel universe and if you stop ur grandparents from meeting, then, in that universe, you will never be born. But beware, when you travel "back to the future", you may land up in some other universe altogether n you may not be able to return to the one you started from :)

    EDIT: Just because some mods can't understand the questions or have no idea what to say, doesn't mean everyone else is gonna spam here. This is one of the better CCL threads IMO.
  8. shak

    shak Harrr!

    ^vini ... that is just stupid .. you are spamming yourself

    ans 1: what are colours? they arent something physical .. so you cant say that colours exist in the same context as earth water space air elements etc. when light of a cerain wavelength strike our retina, eye sends an impulse towards the brain ... and then brain interprets that impulse into a colour (vision in other words) its not the eye that picks colours .. its the brain that is programmed to gather al those electrical impulses .. and then form a picture by giving colours to each different wavelength .. so colours can only exist beyond the spectrum if our brain can be programmed to interpret those frequency beyond blue and red ... cant do anything with this question.. sorry .

    Ans 2: animals? well i cant really say .. i havent ever looked into animal behaviour towards colours .. i dont think they can "see" other colours .. but there are a few animals like bats and perhaps cats (or urban myth i cant say) that can "see" infrared .. or so i have been told. .

    Ans 3: listening to sub frequencies? above 22khz or below 20hz? in theory ofcourse it is possible .. but i am prettyyyyy sure that the physics of our ears wont allow that .. our ears are made in such a way that they have a physical limit of 22khz .. (+- 5 khz depends on age etc.) but then again .. who's the daddy? yes the brain itself. .so unless you dont "upgrade" the central processing unit .. there is not point in gettin state-of-the-art hardware .. hehe if you know what i mean .. so it is more or less pointless ..

    [edit] got the frequencies wrong . .its 20Hz lower limti 22kHz upper limit

    Ans 4: yes sound is energy .. but i doubt if it can be used to produce heat energy .. you see propogates not in a form of waves .. but compression and de-compression .. so atmost it can make an object compress and expand like mad!! or make it shake .. but transfer energy to atoms/molecues to excite them and heat them up .... err i dont think so .. leave to e.m waves ... like microwaves, light etc ... . so this question is also pointless
    smell monalisa? yes you can smell monalisa .. its smells of rotten canvas and oil paints. . :p listen to big mac? .. now i can can stop bashing your silly questions and finally agree that if we dive deep enough into lucid thinking we can say that yes it si possible. . every physical thing has a natural resonance frequency right? that means it is vibrating.. with sophisticated euquipment and powerful system it might just be possible to pick big mac's vibration .. superpose it to bring it into audible frequency range and hear that thing shiver .... ;)

    i might not be correct all the time . .i have answered all these question wihtout searching proeperly so if i am wrong somewhere please correct ..

    ans 5: equate sound smell and sight? sound as i said .. is a sort of wave but its compression adn decompression .. light is e.m wave (electro magnetic) it travels at the speed of light and DOES NOT disturbs its sourroundings ... and smell? mate who told you that smell is a wave? thats just stupid .. .. "smell" are just airborne particles of fragrant oil or chemicals that intice our sense of smell ..
  9. kaiser

    kaiser Bored

    hey dude...wassup man?
    good to see u here.

    nice answer but i gt a question. if those machines show us the images by converting to vibgyor system, that dont mean that we cant have new colours. what if eyes can be tweaked to see them?

    i some agree animals cant see what we do, but then, are there animals that can see what we cant? there sure are animals who can hear what we cant.

    n as far smell is concerned, i thnk its a damm wave. smell has frequency. its the frequency of a 'smell' that gives it a ...well, smell.

    when a smell hits some diaphragm (hey im studying mics, so this word came to my mind, hehe) in the nose of ours, with a particular freq, we recognize shit from mc chicken. so colours, sound, smell, have frequencies. if we could some how find a relation between em, we cud get inter-sensory translations.

    hahha...what the hell am i saying?

    anyway....n the sound thing, well if we use conventional energy in the beginning n then switch over to sound then its still saving us conventional sources of energy that we use. dont dynamos work like that?
    if an energy chain can be made, we can rely on sound completly. we can magnify sound, we can store sound. we'll never run out of sound. we can have all rock concerts to power the world. they do so anyway....hehe.

    btw, what is it abt sound that it hasnt beeen used to produce energy?
  10. sixstringsin

    sixstringsin ||||||

    don't think it will be worth the pain to see hotel california if at all u succeed ~seeing~ it.
    it would look something like opening holetcalifornia.mp3 on a notepad. LOL

    ps: yeah u broke my concentration :)
  11. shak

    shak Harrr!

    sound hasnt been used to produce energy is beacsue of a very fundamental reason!!!
    sound does not exist in abundant natural state :) .. to work on a sensible energy alternate the primary prerequisite is that the source should be abundant cheap and available naturally ... to use sound as energy where will you get the vast amount of sound from? space is dead .. its all vacumm so no sound .. on earth there is sound but from whom? people right? machines? what do these machines and people do to produce sound? they consume other forms of energies .... so unless you dont get sound from a system that uses small amount of energy to produce LARGe quantity sound .. so as to power a whole city or something .. you cant relly say that sound is a good energy alternate ..

    and then there is another big problem .. haha .. how do you store sound?? you cant .. dont give me that you can store it on cd's and tapes .. thats not sound .. that just some bumps in the silver coated surface (cd) or magnetic traces on some resin (tapes) ...

    sensible energy alternatives at the moment are geothermal, light, tidal and wind .. use the natural resources .. adn ofcourse our good friend nuclear :)
  12. the_wizard

    the_wizard Omega == God

    hmm I always had this silly thought in my head.

    What if things and colours as per my perception were differnt when you see them?

    Like Red for me may be blue for you...and say what if this is with looks too.

    also....why do diesel cars make more noise than petrol cars?
  13. shak

    shak Harrr!

    @wizzy: yes then you would be going
    wizzy: "look! that chick looks good in that red dress right?
    me: "who? the one with the coke?"
    wizzy: "the one sittin next to her"
    me: "but thats blue mate!"
    wizzy: "naa. . its red........ or unless the post i made at the IGt has come true"
    me: "OMG! .. yes .. and guess what? the second part came true as well .. about the perceptin of the looks .. .thats not a chic wizzy .. thats a bloke!"

    so you can see .... it isnt possible to percive the same colour differently unless one's got something really wrong with his brain .. aah those colourblind people. . they cant differentiat ebetween blue and red right? so i guess you're not wrong after all .. *meh*

    as for diesel engines ... well they use compression to ignite the fuel and not spark plugs .. and thats where all the noise comes from ..
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  14. kaiser

    kaiser Bored

    hey i posted number 9 and i see bjr angel and shak have already posted.

    now i feel like takign back my words/questions. nice answers. esp shak

    shak u must be an engineeer. u are a real 'sound' engineer. hehe (am i spamming in my own thread?)

    hey, why aint a recording a stored sound?

    @bjr: time travel is intriguin man. i hear rgv's makng a film based on hg wells' classic. wanna hazard a guess how its gonna be?

    @wizrd: hmmmm....i rem readin bt it in school. its called knocking. the way diesel burns, it makes that sound.
  15. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    It's a tough call. The sheer number of possible themes would be mind-boggling. One of my favourite types is a very typical one when, in retrospect, everything has happened because someone in the future has influenced the past....something like in the Harry Potter book. However, the thing with this kind of theme is that there are no limits to the amount of confusion you can add to the theme. It is important to be able to do it tastefully and I don't think too many people can. They messed it up a bit in Back to the Future 2 I thought.
  16. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    Agreed. This is potentially one of the most challenging threads on the forum.
  17. shak

    shak Harrr!

    ^ count me in as well .. and lets wait for vivo to jump in .. then this thread will become a real fine treat ..

    as for the time travel .. i'll be honest .. i still cant grab the idea behind that .. fine you can make the time stop if you reach the speed of light .. that means you can go into the future .. but how can one go into past?

    the paradox of you going into the past and killing your grandad for some reason .. and the quesiton that whether you can really do that or not aside .. thats just fiction .. a mind experiment .. there are so many factors that arent accounted for ..

    my objection is that the total amount of energy int he universe is constant right? well thats pretty basic ... and then mass is energy as well .. e=mc^2 (everyone knows this equation) and we are mass .. so if we go back and time .. to an era where we didnt exist ... KABOOM! we will be adding more mass to the universe meaning the energy balance will be disrupted .. and we will finally see how the big bang might look like thats one thing. .

    another objection is the matter anti-matter ... matter cant exist without its anti-matter .. if we transport ourselves back in time .. we will ebt aking our matter with us .. what about our anti-matter? will that also just vanish and reappear with us at some time in the future? is that possible? if not then how would we exist without that at any time in the future or past? wont it disrupt the delicate balance?

    soo many questions ... not many answers .. except .. forget it son . .you cant do time travel ..
  18. dennis

    dennis The Bhangra King

    Hmm, first of all to travel back in time you need to be faster than the speed of light but that is not possible since m= m0 * (v/c-v) . Hence as v-> c ,m->infinity. Hence it doesnt seem possible.

    But, when you talk of energy balance while going back in time, you are considering an energy balance at a point of time. But time is also a coordinate and hence even though energy balance may not necessarily hold in that case at a particular moment in time, over the entire time range of the universes existance, it does hold true. The net mass will hence be same.

    Yup correct, I we go..our anti matter must go along with us, though i never really got this anti matter thingy. Say Sharukh, what is your antimatter, and where is it??
  19. dennis

    dennis The Bhangra King

    Colours are light at a particular frequency right?? I suppose the Vibgyor range is the one perceptible(sp?) to our eyes, so there should be colours which we are missing out

    Some animals are colour blind, horses can see grey and brown. I suppose one finds this out by measuring brain response on exposure to light of a particular colour.

    Modification is possible i suppose,lol . im blindly shooting bullets, but it would be interesting.

    This question is the weirdest, I can smell Aloo Puri, I can see Aloo Puri. An object may have smell and if it has and your brain identifies it , then you can identify the object.
    Does odour have a wavelenght, i thought it was gases reacting with our nasal cavity.
    Frankly speaking hearing a Big Mac sounds cool, but how it would happen doesnt make sense to me.
  20. shak

    shak Harrr!

    m=m0*(v/c-v) .. i dont really get this equation .. isnt this the time/length/mass variance when v<c ? if so . then this wont hold valid if we consider v>c (needed for travel back in time.. ) need a bit of clarification here .. (and a bit of revision of physics book in my case) ... this v>c is a special case .. and i believe my physics teacher would love to say :aha now we need quantam mechanics!!"
    as for the energy bit .. well thats what i am saying .. EVEN if we consider the net mass of the universe constant .. regardless of the time coordinate (instance) .. even then .. when we are in present time . .the mass is constant .. in the past . mass HAS to be of the same value and ofcourse constant . cuz universe is a closed system ... or so the phsyicists say .. so when we go back in time .. we are actually taking our mass with us right? so in the present .. mass is missing ... we dont exist at that particular "instant" .. balance has to be disturbed .. there is no possibility that a mass will appear out of nowhere to balance this sudden loss ... same goes for the past .. when we reappear .. the universe is in balance .. however! we will be adding some more mass as we exist in the past instead of the present .
    this is a little dodgy to be honest ... but a good argument nonetheless... i dont see how we can just go back in time and not disturb the balance .. i know what you are saying .. that it doesnt matter if we exist today or thousand years in the past .. we exist cuz we share this balance of energy .. and our mass is free of time coordinate ... and to be honest this does make sense to me now .. cuz if we consider our mass to have exsited since the big bang .. to infinity .. we CAN say that when we go back in time .. our mass is already there .. so we are neither adding any mass to that instant (it exists already) and nor taking it away when we begun the journey .. interesting! this answers it all!! .. just consider the energy due to mass is free of time constraint and that it exists for infinity ..

    as for anti-matter .. lol yeah .. thats another mystery ....
    by the way i keep mine as far from myself as possible ..
    a safe deposit box at creddit suisse in geneva to be exact .. ;)

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