Starting to learn Keyboard @ Home, Help required

Discussion in 'Misc Musical Instruments' started by kjd, Jun 1, 2010.

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    I have Casio CTK-5000(61 keys) And I am a vocalist.
    I am a total beginner in learning music instruments. Though I had some hands on to the harmonium in my childhood, but I can only play "SA RE GA MA" and some basics in Raaga Bhupali on it right now.

    Now I want a good pro approach to learn a keyboard. I have gone through Google and got tones of resources, but dont know where to start from or which to take.

    So someone here could tell a good Online resource/link/site to start with
    OR a good book which I can refer to.
    IMHO I would like to go by these steps...
    1) learn finger positions on keyboard/Practice
    2) learn and identify all keys on keyboard/Practice (Partially Done)
    3) learn Music notations thoroughly /Practice (very very Partially Done)
    4) learn some basic Patterns /Practice
    5) learn Chords /Practice
    6) learn Scales /Practice
    7) learn advanced Patterns /Practice

    I live in Hyd,AP. So some good/Pro keyboard/Piano teacher (For home tuition) can contact me via PM.
  2. ultrabot90

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    Just look for someone who teaches the Trinity/ABRSM syllabus. You're set. In Delhi, that'd be School of Symphony, Delhi School of Music (Delhi Music Society) and Performers Collective, there'll definitely be alternatives in Hyd.

    (Personally, I'd recommend learning piano instead of keyboard. Keyboard TEACHING is always blah, you don't learn jack shit about MUSIC, only songs and the instrument.)

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