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    my question


    i've just started to learn guitar. i'm learning with the help of beginners' lesson on internet. i'm also planning to have professional tutor after sometime.

    now, my query goes as ...

    wht are good practice exercises to start with in order to play without looking at fret board and strings?
    i'm doing "spider" exercises & playing "sa re ga ma pa...." on C major scale (1st position). Slowly, my fingers are getting used to distances between strings and frets. With practice, sometimes, i'm able play "sa re ga.." without looking at it. i hope it will improve as i practice more and more..

    Is there any other learning technique in the beginning or i should continue with it?
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    Well,first off you've started in the right direction and right pace.
    1.Keep on doing spider exercises.
    2.Since you've justed started,try to emphasize on alternate picking coz if u start doing it right from the beginning it will be a lot easier.
    3.About scales,learn a couple more like G or another position of C.
    4.Then when you learn how to form scales,start practising all of them and try to say the note that you pick.
    5.I'd recommend you learn a few basic chords like Am,A,G,D,Dm,F,C,E,Em.They'll help you play a lot of songs.The only reason I'm saying this is that you don't lose your entho of playing the guitar if you can play a few songs.
    6.Make sure you pick the notes at regular intervals and each of 'em sound sharp 'n clear even when practising spiders.

    Learn to read tabs (if you can't,you can use some threads here at IGT)
    A few very useful links

    Of course, I'm not really a pro at IGT.You'll get plenty of good advice here.
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    Make sure you are playing the spiders correctly
    You should try playing them with a metronome set to a comfortable tempo whenever you can

    and make sure you are playing each note evenly i.e make sure notes are not muted out and that each note ring clearly

    And ya practice chords
  4. i'm_not_neo

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    thanx for the reps,hope you found it helpful...
    Anyways off the topic does Sakura have anything to do with the "cardcaptor" anime?
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    All replies are useful to me.

    I didn't get you what you want to say in your last post Neo!! even if you'r (i'm)_not_neo!!!
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    Hi This is a pretty useful post and helps
    good work sakura !!!!
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