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  1. djmistryman

    djmistryman kuch..jaana pehchaana

    I attempted the melodious composition by Shanker, Ehsaan, Loy and could get this far only..

    Key- E Major

    Intro Tab -



    Repeat the above for two times..and then the lovely chords come in.

    Even though a beginner this time i am100% sure i got the right key and the right intro with minor (pull/hammer) changes. I am still working on getting the chords right. Guru's can maybe do it better and faster then me and finally "ehsaan ka ehsaan hoga hum sub pe when he gives it the final touch"

    u know who loves u !
  2. anujroy

    anujroy New Member

    see this link dude ....maybe of any help ...!!!
    take care.
  3. djmistryman

    djmistryman kuch..jaana pehchaana

    What link Anuj ?
  4. crideep12886

    crideep12886 New Member

    slight error on your interpretation
    on string B try this towards the end.The one whic hi came up wiht is the actula for the song, have performed a millions times.
    u interpretation was this, i'm not saying its wrong, just not accurate enough
    Correct version is this

    and second follow is the first E- string part only with a extra delay time on the last 5

  5. djmistryman

    djmistryman kuch..jaana pehchaana

    Thanks Deepak. Then you may also know the chords. Can you post them please.
  6. anujroy

    anujroy New Member

  7. ehsaan

    ehsaan New Member

    hi the chords are *
    | D | D | D | D | D | D | D | D || D | D | G | G | Bb |C | D | D ||

    Jeene Ke ......
    | D | Emi | G | A | D | Emi | G | A |

    | Ami | Ami | G | G | Ami | G | D | then u jump to *
  8. djmistryman

    djmistryman kuch..jaana pehchaana

    Thank you ehsaan.. thank you. :nw:
  9. anujroy

    anujroy New Member

    GREAT ....!!!! .....EHSAAN replied for this thread ....!!! ... and i was close, just one scale up !!!.....hehe...
    Looking forward to more from you EHSAAN ...
    AND WELCOME TO IGT !!!!!!............
  10. Liquid

    Liquid New Member

    ok so whos tabs are right now?...i mean the yboth sound really good...props to both lol...

    any comments?

    whats Ami and Emi?...
  11. djmistryman

    djmistryman kuch..jaana pehchaana

    Ehsaan is right. Its his composition (with Shanker and Loy). Ami and Emi is I believe Aminor and Eminor.
  12. anujroy

    anujroy New Member

    definitely dude !!!..Ehsaan is right ...!!! ...
  13. Liquid

    Liquid New Member

    lol i think we settled that...but what about the tabs?
  14. hehaa

    hehaa New Member

    ha you cheater gies these tabs been posted by me, a long time ago, now i r coping and reposting them, that not the rule here
  15. Khopdi

    Khopdi New Member

    hey, the chords sound good... but.... grrr
    maybe you need to post the lyrics as well (confused moi , BIG TIMEZ)
    even the 1st few words of the line atleast should do

    thanks :)
  16. Khopdi

    Khopdi New Member

    Am I dumb or what....
    For a second I thought that Ehsan was Just a NICK but....
    Whoaaaa... IGT at paramout thanks to you :)

    Well, didnt get the Chance.. But AsSalamAlaiKum... And WELCOME :)
  17. guitar_lover

    guitar_lover New Member

    Ehsaan Sir,
    i am a newbie & I am not getting these chords (Posted by ehsaan sir) Can you tell me the timings of chords,.
    I love this song, so it will be very kind if you tell me chords timing with lyrics.
  18. guitar_lover

    guitar_lover New Member

    Ehsaan Sir can you tell me timings of the chords pleaseeeeee.
    This is one of my fovourite & when i am playing this chords i am getting little bit of difficulty.
  19. Yoosh

    Yoosh New Member

    ive been trying and trying but i just cant get hang of the strumming. can someone please help, ive tried listening to itbut it just doesnt click. is it possible for someone to post a strumming pattern or something similar?? please :)

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