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    As I look up the sky at night..
    I see the Stars twinkling and shining bright..
    For Star gazers they are heavenly bodies with a lot left to discover..
    For astrologers they are lucks and bad omens..
    But for me they are Stars..Twinkling and shining through out the night..
    Stars forming patterns and shapes.. The Orion The Big Dipper..
    And there I see the Pole Star..
    The Star of direction..
    Shining bright and directing the travellers on sand and sea..
    Then I wonder there is so much I can learn from these Stars..
    All of them together in the same sky shine in their own special way..
    So why can't I..
    Together they make the sky look so beautiful..
    So why can't I..
    The night passes and the day sets in..
    I start my day with a new hope..
    To shine like a Star among the lot.. and to make the world a beautiful place together with the lot..

    Another attempt of writing a few lines..!!
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  2. walk_alone

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    awsome, breath taking and fantabulous are few word that can describe this composition.You hav dun a great job.
  3. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    good yaar saher talking about stars ..accha hai reps added :-D
  4. nimisha

    nimisha .:Forum Leader:.

    didnt liked the start of the poem.
    but this part was excellent..!

    good job..

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