Standing position problem !!

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  1. harmonizer

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    I don't have experience of playing guitar in standing group performances too I have used armless chairs....

    yesterday i bought a guitar strap n when i tried to play...whoaa!!! i couldn't even switch chords perfectly....i could only judge the position of the strings...hell...the experience was nearly like when i started learning guitar...

    is it difficult to play such a thick guitar in standing position?? I have to bend to see the strings....still i'm not able to play correctly even my mastered stuffs... :'(
  2. alpha1

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    Lulz ^_^

    Yes, while standing up you will have less chance of seeing the fretboard.
    And if your guitar is a fat one (like dreadnaught) then "fat chance" seeing the frets!

    You should practice with your eyes closed, or possibly looking ahead at imaginary audience.
  3. harmonizer

    harmonizer The Son of the Moon

    yes it is fat :(
  4. harmonizer

    harmonizer The Son of the Moon

    it is really fat :(

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    the title really made me think of something else :D
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    In addition to what everyone said, make sure the strap of the guitar is not too low...I know that is what "rockers" do but maybe that isn't the best way to start. Keeping the strap short makes the guitar be in a position which is familiar...slightly higher than the waist. That should make life is a disaster with the girls though.
  9. harmonizer

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    thanx everyone....liked ur advises.....i face lesser problems now....i hope i'll kick the remaining with time...and thanx bjr ...mate, i care more for music and less for girls...:)

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