Stand up and shout

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    Sorrow and pain seem to rule the youth these days,
    ***** people keep on telling them their hard work pays,
    Lots of people don’t see our inside thoughts,
    We want to show them the troubles we fought,
    Emotions that run through our minds,
    Our driven madness is what makes us blind,
    People cutting theirselves, people ending their lifes,
    People getting hated for nothing, people hitting their wives,
    It’s a sick world out there,and it isn’t getting better,
    Perhaps I would’ve gone crazy if I hadn’t met her,
    The government doesn’t see us,their blinded by their force,
    But everyone knows they’re just a bunch of well-paid whores,
    It’s to expensive for them to deal with our affairs,
    That’s why we need to search someone that really cares,
    ’Cause problems are increasing and our feelings are getting harder,
    You need to do something about it,before you become a trouble-starter,
    And if you are ignored,just try to scream a little louder,
    Just try to show your feelings and become the leading shouter,
    We will be seen and shall not be deceived,
    Show your inner feelings and love shall be received…

    Feedback please :p:
  2. Nirvanafreak

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    0_o the stars were meant to be 'a dult people' what's wrong with that???
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    hey nirvana.................u shouting.............this one is also nice.......... :)

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